Thankful for volunteers

I want to thank Larry Peeler for organizing the litter patrol group today (Wednesday, March 17) along the roads at Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge.

In addition to Larry Peeler, I would like to thank the following people who helped clean up part of the refuge: Brandon Wagner and Jim and Marilyn Affolter. The volunteers are bird watchers bird photographers.

Three miles of the roads were cleaned, as well as the turnout at Smithfield and Livermore. Six garbage bags full were hauled away.

There will be another event in the near future for those wishing to join in. If interested in helping, check out the Friends of Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge Facebook page.

Jim Leonard


Leaders’ views don’t represent reader

(Polk County Sheriff Mark) Garton and (Polk County Commissioner Mike) Ainsworth’s unhinged and disingenuous response to the prospect of minor gun and police reforms prove that it is past time for Polk County to be split in two.

West Salem, Independence, Monmouth, and the riverside country in between belong in a different county — ideally one named after something local, like Luckiamute or Willamette, not a genocidal, slave-owning ex-President whose name has also been attached about a dozen other countries across the United States.

I appreciate that many Dallas and rural Polk county residents dream of remaining a little slice of the old Confederacy transplanted to Cascadia indefinitely. But I — and I suspect the majority of people across the county — are tired of watching what could be a wonderful place sink ever deeper into the mire of fear-based grievance politics.

We want a better future with honest politicians committed to equality and prosperity, not wasting everyone’s time with whining about having to follow rules that aim to make everyone safer. I have no idea what the process is for establishing a new county, but it’s well past time.

Andrew Tanner


Schrader’s record good for Oregon

In response to Lincoln County Democratic Party Chairman Michael Gaskill’s comments about Kurt Schrader:

If you weigh the amount of good Kurt Schrader has done for Oregon, how can you take one word and condemn his whole career?

Does being a Democrat mean you can never make any comment unless it is approved by the Democratic Party?

Schrader has done more to try and get our two parties to work together than any other politician we currently have in Oregon. Isn’t that the cliche all politicians currently use, “Let’s work together?”

Perhaps the Democratic Party should stop looking for puppets and start looking for integrity!

We were born in Oregon, in Lincoln County, and Mr. Gaskill has labeled us as a “shameful history of white supremacy.” Not in the Oregon we were raised in!

Mr. Gaskill should perhaps get a broader view of the world and look up Kurt Schrader’s political record before he criticises and honest man.

Delight and George Hamar


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