Staying home is an act of compassion

Your headline on the May 6 front page says “Hundreds protest COVID closures.”

I would like to point out that hundreds of thousands stayed home because we understand that rallies may well lead to the illness and death of others. We stay home in order to protect ourselves as well as everyone else. One does not have to show symptoms of COVID-19 to infect others and the more people we come in contact with, the more it increases our chances to “catch” the virus.

Wearing a mask, staying home as much as possible, not working in close contact with others is not an infringement of our rights, rather, it is an act of compassion for our neighbors and friends.

Rebecca Jay


Patoine is the right choice for assessor

I support Valerie Patoine, for Polk County Assessor.

Valerie is honest, hard working and extremely knowledgeable and fair. Valerie listens to the public, and she is responsive to taxpayer questions and concerns.

Valerie Patoine has many, many years of experience (17+) in the Polk County Assessor’s Office; the endorsement of retired Polk County Assessor, Douglas Schmidt, and she definitely has my vote too!

Cheryl Zentz


COVID-19 is a global health care failure

Today we endure a pandemic. A horrible attack on our lives. We are required to stay home, not go within 6 feet of each other. Homes are turned into schools and offices, bedrooms turn into places of pondering, and local businesses struggle to stay afloat.

What could we have done to avoid this? I recently watched a Ted Talk titled: “The next outbreak? We’re not ready.” The speaker: Bill Gates. He explains that countries pour their people, resources, and money into protecting against threats. When really, they don’t prepare for as much as they can. Countries fear war, it’s very common to have a military, and usually, the military with the best-trained soldiers; most soldiers, most weapons, and most advanced technologies wins. Simple as that. A simple show of who can outdo the other. These childish notions are what distract us from real threats. “Not missiles, but microbes.” as Bill Gates states in his Ted Talk.

The fact that is not stressed enough is that we don’t have a proper system to respond to outbreaks and other medical emergencies. But yet, a country’s military can go from coast to coast in a matter of hours. Bill calls it a “Global Failure.”

The World Health Organization failed to organize a system to save lives. Stubborn citizens protest against shut down, and cases rise. Can we get out of this Pandemic? And will we be ready for the next one?

Luke Lovas


Vote Patoine for Polk County assessor

Valerie Patoine was appointed Assessor after 17 years of hard work, dedication, and increasing responsibility in the Polk County Assessor’s Office.

Valerie has amassed nearly two decades’ worth of historical knowledge. Her mastery of Polk County’s specific processes and valuation software is crucial to the smooth operation of our office. She oversees all areas of the office: records, cartography, and valuation.

Valerie hit the ground running her first day as Assessor because she was well-prepared for the transition.

Keep Valerie and her valuable experience and expertise in the Polk County Assessor’s Office.

Peggy Graham


Democrats bring ‘more of the same’

Are you enjoying yourselves yet? Want much, much more of the same?

Vote Democrat,

The party of deception, big brother, big government, and death.

June Stout


Gamba has the character for office

This election is as much about moral character as platform.  If we don’t vote for someone who is compassionate, trustworthy, curious, accountable, inclusive and not beholden to heavily funded industry, then how do we know they make well-reasoned and fact-based decisions that represent our community when we don’t have eyes on them?    We don’t.  Mark Gamba is of the strong moral character that I want representing me.  Please vote for an experienced and effective leader for the 5th Congressional District.   Vote Mark Gamba.

Robin Richardson


Look at Evans’ record on legislation

I am a registered Republican and fourth-generation small business owner. If a Democrat candidate exhibits integrity and my party nominee does not, the truth-teller receives my vote.

Paul Evans, District 20 since 2015, presents strategies to defend our state’s small business ecosystem, but casts votes for measures poisonous to them: Cap and trade, gross receipts tax and high minimum wages betrayed the small businesses he claims to adore.

Review for yourself the legislative evidence of Rep. Evans’ advocacy for Oregon’s small business ecosystem.  Consider how losing the private sector’s tax dollars will impact your family’s essential services.

Kristine Dalton


Masks protect others; please use them

Dear neighbors, As I have had to go to the stores — I am shocked to see: a family of five in Dallas and many others (Safeway) no masks! A couple in Monmouth (Winco), no masks! She’s coughing almost uncontrollably at the checkout in front of me!!! Guys parking their 4X4s and hopping out for beer or dinner or both. “I’m in great shape,” no masks.

Simple truth: It seems some people do not care.

I am deeply offended. You put me and my family at risk with your arrogance, ignorance, discourteous disregard, protesting, political hubris, stupidity, Constitutional abuse or whatever. Masks protect others. I wear my mask for you. I expect you to do the same. If you are sick STAY AT HOME. If you just got off work, keep an extra particle mask in your truck. 25 to 50 percent of people carrying this Covid-19 — ARE AND MAY REMAIN WITHOUT SYMPTOMS. So do all your neighbors a favor, do the store employees a favor: Until you can reach into your medicine cabinet and pull out your daily test kit — GET and keep a mask on your lovely face. Please. (All expletive thoughts have been edited).

Dave Prichard


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