More coverage is needed

Your mast head leads with a statement the paper is intended to serve Polk County readers. This has been written to draw attention to a concern many of us have about your coverage of those parts of Polk County that are outside the city limits of Dallas.

If you look at the coverage of high school and collegiate sports, Dallas High School team are well-portrayed by your articles. Activities at the other three high schools, Perrydale, Falls City and Central, are found in the Roundups section with often very abbreviated reports. And if readers are seeking reports about athletics and other activities at Western Oregon University, you usually find a complete absence of accounts.

Examining Pages of the Past, the most common stories cover Dallas. I am sure the other schools and communities would appreciate your historical stories on their settings. Give that WOU is the oldest public college in the state, there is no lack for story sources from their past.

I subscribed to the Statesman for more than 60 years. But we dropped it because we could never find anything about Polk County there. The I-O may soon suffer the same fate.

Gerald Girod


Kunke will be missed

The memories Gordon Kunke gave Dallas are many and measurable.

For a lot of us it is memories of Gordon as Dallas School Superintendent.

For years he was the force that shepherded the school system. He provided consistent and solid administration. Something that many districts have struggled with as they move from superintendent to new superintendent on a frequent basis.

When that happens the teachers and other administrators find themselves asking, “How do we do our job now?” That’s instead of asking the question used in Dallas, “How can we do our job better?”

Gordon gave us that for many years.

He also coached basketball and taught classes. Superintendent Gordon never forgot that he worked for the students. All effort was made to enhance their education.

We miss Gordon but we cherish the memories he has left for us.

Dave Weston


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