Vote Shaw-Slife on May 18

Carol Shaw-Slife has much experience in schools and the ability to understand the contexts in which she lives. She has quickly reached out to serve, because she has skills to use here in Dallas.

For years as a Bilingual Instructional Assistant, and when working with Bilingual Special Programs in Salem-Keizer, she provided adapted instruction as part of a team. During years of private in-home tutoring, she connected compassionately with young people and guided families faced with tough circumstances.

Carol is bi-lingual, bi-cultural, and a rare gem. We will be extremely fortunate to have her on the Dallas School Board.

JoAnn Ekstrand


Build city hall near PD

Doesn’t our Police Department on Highway 99W have land available? If we had to build a new city hall, it could be built there. Having our city hall where people are greeted into town makes more sense than wasting downtown commercial land.

We need our downtown small-business core to be more vibrant. The current city hall location would be a great site for mixed-use downtown living. It would also provide more ground-floor restaurants and businesses. Make sure they use wood from the big cedar tree for interior floors and woodwork. That way we can still enjoy that old tree forever.

Eric Scharer


What would Aristotle do?

Another way to consider an expenditure of $9 million dollars for a new city hall in Monmouth is by looking at the idea using Aristotle’s terminology: ethos, pathos and logos.

Ethos, or morals, asks “Can the use of these funds be more ethically used on other needs in the city?

Pathos, or emotions, asks, “How are citizen’s lives changed by this new structure? Will this new building unite us more?”

Logos, or logistics, asks, “Who benefits from the new structure? Who benefits from an alternate structure? Can a greater change be made in Monmouth if we use the money elsewhere?

McKay Wadsworth


Chief Tallen bids farewell

It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve the Monmouth-Independence community my entire 34-year career. I want to thank everyone for their trust and support over the years. I am very grateful for the many relationships I have built with so many professional organizations and wonderful community members.

I am extremely proud to have served every day alongside the officers and staff members at Monmouth P.D. Without a doubt, the women and men at MPD are the most caring, compassionate and dedicated team of professionals anyone could work with. I will miss them tremendously and I am very thankful for their selfless service. The Monmouth Police Department is a strong agency and actively moving forward into the future. I wish you all the best!

Take care and be safe,

Chief Darrell Tallan (Retired)


Museum Hi-Tea was ‘astonishing’

Kudos to Diane Weaver and her entire crew for the success of the first of four Hi-Tea fundraising luncheons scheduled for the Polk County Museum this month! The museum was all set up and decorated when just days before the event, Polk County moved back into the Extreme Risk COVID category, prohibiting all indoor dining. The crew pivoted at the last minute into a makeshift tent arrangement on the front “porch” of the museum.

Advertised as a five-course meal, the quality, quantity, and variety of the food offerings were nothing short of astonishing. Impeccably served by a corps of volunteers, all small items were safely and individually wrapped. This was without question one of the most enjoyable events we have ever experienced in Polk County. We are already looking forward to going again next year!

Donn W. Anderson


Vote no on new city hall

Monmouth has a ballot measure for a $3 million bond — added to money saved up from previous taxes and money in the Urban Renewal Agency totaling at least $9 million.

They charged $15 for a hard copy of the 2021-22 budget. So, they want to spend $9 million and have to nickel-and-dime a citizen for a hard copy of a proposed budget?

With a total budget that jumps from $38 million this year to $50 million next year, this is nuts!

I vote NO — not to give Monmouth another nickel, for anything, until they get their priorities straight!

Jaymie Willis


Latest shutdown is unnecessary

Dear Polk County Neighbors: How long are we going on tolerate the dictatorial decisions by Gov. (Kate) Brown? It is a 2 to 4% chance of getting COVID in a restaurant but here we go again, shutting them down. These are hard working people trying to make it on their own. What good is this other then control?

Those of you who live in fear, please turn the TV off and look around. But for those of us who choose to only fear God we should have the right to enjoy restaurants indoors.

Have we complied with wearing a mask in a grocery store or other businesses, of course, but out of courtesy not fear. I am not being callus. This virus is dangerous to some people but so is diabetes, pneumonia, cancer and even the common flu.

So, use common sense and let’s get on with life. If you agree call or write the Governor’s office and our County Commissioners.

Larry Dalton


New city hall is ill-timed

Please vote NO on Measure 27-133. No one in their right mind could justify building a project of this size and at this enormous cost when local citizens and businesses are struggling to make ends meet due to the COVID shutdowns. Spending $9 million is just not justifiable at this point in time.

Tyler Davis


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