Patoine ‘uniquely qualified’ as assessorValerie Patoine, the current Polk County Assessor, has 17 years of working knowledge and experience in the Polk County Assessor’s Office.This combined with her ability to work well with other Polk County departments and city offices, other Oregon counties and the State of Oregon, makes her uniquely qualified for this position.The Polk County Assessor’s Office is in good hands managed by Assessor Valerie Patoine. She is very familiar with the current market conditions existing within Polk County and will keep values fair and equitable.A vote for Valerie is a vote for Polk County. Keep management local.Loretta Hodous and George RogersDallasPatoine is the best choice for assessorI support Valerie Patoine for Polk County Assessor. She was unanimously appointed to the position 14 months ago and is the best choice for Assessor. She has worked for over 17 years in the Polk County Assessor’s office, has gained invaluable experience, and was personally trained for the position. I have had the pleasure to work with Valerie for the past 12 years and I often seek her expertise. It would be a huge detriment to our office if we lost her knowledge base that is unique to Polk County. Vote for Valerie!Sara BischelPolk Co Chief AppraiserSalemPolk County BOC needs new ideasThere are many ways to fill sudden vacancies on boards and commissions. The method I find most problematic is selection of a replacement by remaining members. For example the two Polk County Commissioners get to choose the replacement.Two problems. The choice is not elected. Plus that person is going to be friendly to existing members; tightening the clique that might exist. A board won’t choose someone with divergent views, so, no new ideas flow in. Hence, more of the same. Therefore, re-electing the appointed incumbent is a poor course. We need new and fresh ideas.Fred BrownDallasVote Mark Gamba for CongressFor the May Primary, we have an excellent option for U.S. Representative Oregon 5th District. Mark Gamba, mayor of Milwaukie, Oregon, since 2015, is running as Democrat for the Congressional seat held by Kurt Schrader since 2009. Key issues for Mark include climate change and related natural resource management issues, access to healthcare, affordable housing, living wage, campaign finance reform, and voter rights. Mark is not accepting any campaign funding from corporate donors. Mark Gamba has the progressive values needed to represent us in Congress. Visit his website at to see what you think — your vote matters!Fred HolzmerNewportRobb Witters has needed experienceIn my 30-plus years in working in the assessment field, I have had the opportunity to work in a supervisory capacity  with both candidates for Assessor.We are entering a period of economic uncertainty. We need community leaders like Robb that can provide leadership to get us through these challenging times.  Robb understands the law and he has the intelligence and knowledge to insure equity and fairness in the operation of this important office.When people need assessment information, when they talk to the man with the mustache, they will get the service and answers they need.Vote for Robb WittersShawn BeatonDallasMordhorst is the right leaderI encourage residents of Polk County to vote in the May Primary Election. We have a duty to inform ourselves of the issues facing us, and elect the best qualified candidate to lead. Electing the right candidate is vital to the preservation of our Republic.Join me in voting for Lyle Mordhorst for Polk County Commissioner. Over the past year I have gotten to know, and gain respect for Lyle, I have seen him roll up his sleeves and put his common sense and real world experience to work for the benefit of the citizens of Polk County.Jon GollyDallasDanny Jaffer has service in his DNAPolk County is lucky to have Danny Jaffer as a county commissioner candidate. Here’s why: I’ve been in many meetings with Danny. I find him clear-headed, practical, logical, quick to identify the heart of the matter, a natural leader, personable, articulate, and persuasive. He is unfailingly respectful and diplomatic, even in the face of opposition. Read the Voter’s Guide to see the education and experience he will bring to the commission. Those of us in the Monmouth-Independence know community service is very much in the Jaffer family DNA. Please do yourself a favor and join me in electing Danny Jaffer.Michael WardMonmouthAssessor’s office needs changeThe County Assessor states in her voters’ pamphlet: “I have been privileged to meet people throughout the county …” So why did she refuse to meet with me when I raised deep concerns about Tax Assessment map accuracy?Later County Administrator Greg Hansen stated: “... my guess is that at least 20 percent of our (Polk) properties do not have the accuracy that you are looking for...”It’s time for a change; more of the same means property tax inequity.Polk County needs Robb Witters, a professional willing to invigorate the Polk County Assessor’s Office and champion fairness & equity.E.M. EasterlySalemVote Valerie Patoine for Polk assessorValerie is a honest, hard working, forward thinking leader who has the experience needed to do the job. She is a true public servant! On May 19th, join me in voting for Valerie Patoine for Polk County Assessor.Mike SondayAppraiser, Polk County Assessor’s OfficeDallasElect Nations to CongressJoey Nations is a man of integrity, who will “be true to Oregonians” not special interest groups.  He will listen to and follow through with his Constituents. Joey Nations is an America-first candidate, and will fight for Oregonians to maintain our Constitutional freedoms. Joey Nations values life at all stages, family, and our God-given rights as parents.Joey Nations possesses the fortitude and knowledge to stand strong in Washington, D.C., which is what I want for Oregon on the serious issues that will shape our community, our families, and our businesses. That is why Joey Nations will get my vote.Kris GollyDallas


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