Re-elect Scharf to Perrydale board

In my time serving Perrydale on both the budget committee and the school board, I cannot say enough about what an asset Anna Scharf has been to our district. She is a strong leader, spending countless hours working through budgets, policy, and contract negotiations. Our current board looks to her for leadership, and her main goal is to see that the doors never close on our amazing school. I consider her of tremendous value to Perrydale, and I hope you’ll consider giving your support to re-elect Anna Sharf.

Amber Burns


Fairchild will be dearly missed

Former teacher, Mayor and City Councilor Jim Fairchild passed away on May 1.

Jim and I were both transplants to Dallas, though he had a good three-and-a-half decade head start. I served on the city council when he was mayor, and continued to serve with him in various groups and committees, both in and out of government. As I wrote on Facebook when he passed, Jim’s life was always about service, whether as an educator, a public servant, or in any other walk of life.

Jim and I were involved in many public policy decisions. Naturally, we didn’t always agree (does anybody, anywhere, ever?). But regardless of who took what position, his heart was always solidly in the right place. Every time.

Jim was a longtime member of Rotary, whose basic motto is “Service above Self,” and that describes him exactly. His passing leaves gaps throughout our community; many are obvious now whereas others will become so as time passes.

Here is one example: as an athletics coach, his overriding priority was always to build good citizens and good neighbors. The effects of that continue to be felt long after no one remembers who won what.

Jim Fairchild was truly one of the good guys. We were lucky to have him. And in a very real way we still do, because the lives he touched and the people he influenced are all around us, all the time.

David Shein


Vote for Matt Posey

Matt Posey has spent a lifetime volunteering hundreds of hours to make Dallas a better place to raise our families.

Matt Posey is a humble man whose deed follows his word.

Please join me in voting for Matt Posey.

Walt Markee


Former resident grateful for Dallas

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all those within the community. Especially those of which I wronged growing up. If not for all the prayers and hard lessons since, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this today. Someday I wish to come home and share this testimony with you, I’m at the coming into the light part of my life, truly bringing an overwhelming feeling of gratitude as well as humility. Thank you Dallas, I will truly be indebted to you for life. I pray that my future actions live up to all your expectations.

God Bless you all,

Michael J. Miller/ Breckenridge

Lossngelee, California

Posey still right man for Dallas schools

Twelve years ago when I called Matt Posey and asked him if he would run for the Dallas School Board, I felt he was the right person for the job. Now, after 12 years, he is still the right person for the job.

Vote for Matt. He is the person for the job.

Rod Buchanan


Lee has know-how to move education forward

We met Lee a couple of years ago when we moved to Dallas. Lee and I belong to the Polk County Master Gardeners where he had been president in the past Because Lee was a former teacher he has given training classes to the public interested in gardening. Lee understands what teachers and students need to be successful. Lee has my vote. Please vote for Lee and let his knowledge help this communities education move forward.

Janet Quintens


Vote for public safety levy

The services afforded by the 2015 public safety levy must be renewed if Polk County is to continue its upward trajectory as a low-cost, high quality of life jewel of Oregon.

I have witnessed firsthand the impact of the POINT program, the Mobile Crisis Response Team, and added patrol coverage in my small rural town. Sheriff Garton's and Aaron Felton's leadership has served to integrate communities with staff and programs that demonstrate real reductions in criminals on our streets and recidivism rates.

A yes vote on measure #27-129 is a vote for our future.

Jeremy Gordon

Falls City

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