A yes on levy keeps safety

Vote yes on ballot measure 27-129 to renew our law enforcement levy. I am urging all Polk County voters to join me in supporting the renewal of our law enforcement levy. The Sheriff’s department takes 24,000 calls per year, a 71 percent increase since before the levy. With more deputy DA’s and support staff, criminal prosecutions have increased by about 800 cases per year, a 66 percent jump. Renewing the levy now will not increase your current taxes and will help keep our county safe.

Keep our county safe by voting yes on ballot measure 27-129 to renew our law enforcement levy.

Robert Brannigan


Renew levy, preserve safety

Every day, public safety dispatchers for Polk County speak with people who had not imagined their day would include a call for assistance. When we or our loved ones need it, we hope that help will be there. Police, fire and EMS services are interconnected, each depending on the others when needed. When law enforcement is missing, the other responders may be hindered in their ability to provide assistance. The promises made in 2015 to restore needed services and provide fiscal responsibility have been kept. Please vote to continue the progress that has been made in the last four years.

Marianne Novotny


Brand would bring stability, maintenance

A friend of mine is running for Position 5 on the Dallas Cemetery District Board. Sharon “Robbie” Brand is a resident of Dallas and, as a genealogist, she understands the importance of a financially stable and well-maintained cemetery. Robbie has several years of banking and small business experience, which has given her sufficient knowledge to monitor the financial operations of the cemetery. I feel Robbie would be a good addition to the Dallas Cemetery Board. Please give her your vote.

Marry Warren


Olmstead an asset to cemetery board

I’d like to recommend Sue Olmstead for Position 3 for the Dallas Cemetery Board. I have known Sue for about 14 years, and I find her to be very responsible and organized. She would be an asset to the board.

Sue has been a member of the Ceres Gleann Genealogical Roundtable group, during which time she has taken on several meaningful projects. She has also volunteered for many of the committees here in our Ceres Gleann HOA community.

Addie Rickey


Olmstead will work for cemetery

I would ask you to vote for Sue Olmstead for Position 3, Dallas Cemetery Board. Sue is concerned about improving the cemetery’s financial health and appearance. She’s an active genealogist and volunteers photographing headstones at Dallas Cemetery, as requested from FindAGrave members. This allows her the opportunity to view the cemetery’s conditions.

Mrs. Olmstead has been involved in many volunteer roles. She has experience in accounts receivables, and administration from her career at IBM and as assistant to a county commissioner.

Del Warren


Posey gives 100 percent

It is important that the Dallas School Board remain consistent in the management of our school system. Matt Posey has been serving as a member of the board for several years. Matt was instrumental in making the football turf field a reality. I have known Matt and worked with him for over 20 years, and can say that Matt gives 100 percent to the Dallas School Board. Please join me in voting for Matt Posey for another term on the board.

Paul Trahan


Posey right pick for school board

Please join me in voting to retain Matt Posey on the School Board. Matt is the kind of person we need to continue to have involved in our schools.

His dedication to this community is unsurpassed. He and his family support and participate daily in the workings of the Dallas School District. Matt gave thousands of volunteer hours, supplies and services to the Dallas High School Turf Project.

Please vote to retain Matt Posey on school board where he will continue to always serve in the best interest of the students, staff and patrons of this district. 

Lynn Hurt


Brand looks to improve cemetery

I am running for Position 5, Dallas Cemetery District board.

I was born and raised in Salem. I went on to college, married and started a family.

Life experiences: Banking (10 years), volunteer work in McMinnville School District, Management (travel agency and Caddis Manufacturing).

I’m pleased to live in Dallas. I have a new interest in family genealogy. And, I am also learning the importance of well-maintained cemeteries.

I believe that I can do this important work. I would appreciate your support.

Sharon “Robbie” Brand


Vote Olmstead for better cemetery

I’d appreciate your vote for Position 3, Dallas Cemetery Board. Taxes help keep this beautiful cemetery functioning. I have suggestions on how the cemetery could better serve Dallas.

I volunteer taking photos of headstones for folks for genealogy, offering me a unique perspective on Dallas Cemetery.

I retired IBM and County of El Dorado (California), receiving several regional and national awards.

In California, I ran several campaigns to improve water, transportation, and land use. Locally, I was active on various committees in Dallas’ Ceres Gleann and DRV communities.

Sue Olmstead


New bill impedes liberty

Our country values freedom and choice. Even so, our legislature is considering removing philosophical and religious exemptions for vaccinations. While I disagree with this, they also have failed to ensure that medical exemptions can adequately be provided where needed and scientifically demonstrable. As of May 2, HB 3063 still has contradictory language in a measure that will change the face of education and medical freedom in our state. There is not a vaccination emergency in Oregon right now. Immunization rates remain high. The legislature’s HB 3063 is extreme in what it does, building on 2013’s SB 132 and other recent legislation attempts. Just six years ago, the legislature embraced immunization education efforts while solidifying religious and philosophical exemptions. This year’s efforts tell parents they are now incapable of being educated and that they must follow government instruction for their children to participate in education and society, regardless of their deeply held beliefs, and regardless even of emerging science that can improve vaccination. That should sound anti-democratic; that should sound anti-American; that should sound anti-science; that should strike us as restricting freedom. Under the guise of public health, we are about to surrender our liberties.

An oft-cited Ben Franklin quote reads, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” It is my belief that in the name of public health safety, we are about to give up liberty, the liberty and will of Oregonians to make health decisions. Protect freedom. Oppose HB 3063.

Daniel Myrick


Scharf advocates for Perrydale

I support Anna Scharf for re-election to the Perrydale School board. I serve with Anna on the Polk County Farm Bureau Board, and know that she serves on other boards at the county, state, regional and national levels. When she commits, she takes those roles seriously. She believes in the mission of each board and goes the extra mile to make the organizations successful. She spends time advocating at the Capitol and meeting with other officials on issues and opportunities. The people she serves are lucky to have such an advocate, including Perrydale School Board. Please vote for Anna. 

Kathy Hadley


Pickleball season up and running

The Dallas Pickleball Club is up and running for the 2019 season. We would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in the sport.

The following is important information you need to know.

Courts are located across from the Aquatic Center on Barberry Street. If you are new to the sport, lessons are provided Wednesday morning at 9 at no charge. Club play is Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings from 9 to noon.

Courts are divided by skill levels to accommodate the various levels of participants. Drills are offered twice monthly on Friday. The first ones will be May 10 at 9 a.m.

Club dues are $10 yearly. This covers the cost of equipment replacement, advertising, additional equipment to maintain courts, etc. Our website is dallaspickleballclub.net.

Gail Burton


Posey works tireless on board

I respect someone who chooses to be involved in education, “raising” other people’s children, sincerely having a heart for their well-being, and not paid to do so. Add to that, having no personal agenda.   Candidate Matt Posey clearly projects this. Step one, member of the district budget committee, learning financials. Matt does not step away from challenges. He listens, weighs, and then responds; his fellow board members respect his wisdom. He works at his volunteer position as though employed. Matt questions: meets the challenges of this huge business of educating our children. Re-elect Matt Posey.

Judy Luther


Quit doing the same thing

I spent the 55 cents and mailed my ballot today. I voted “nay” on the “public safety.” We can’t tax ourselves out of the PERS hole, so I voted to quit digging, to quit doing the same thing, over and over, expecting a different result.

John Thomas Jr.


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