‘Socialism’ eats kicker

Well here it is. Your vote for Kate Brown just cost you $300. The kicker was not a “gift” from the state, but rather, a check you sent in with your ballot. Socialism is not Democrat. It is not Republican. It is a hungry animal all on its own, the greatest threat to Democracy. Two attributes of socialism that seem backward are, censorship of anything that threatens its very existence, and second, the people are irrelevant. Germany, 1936; The German people were so fed up with socialism and what it was doing to their homeland that they supported anyone who promised to end it, even Adolph Hitler. In my years I have learned one thing. They say that, “those who fail to learn from the past are destined to repeat it.” I argue that it matters not whether one learns from the past, for the past is always disguised as the future. More to come, sit back, smoke your dope, and enjoy the show.

Randy Wisnia


Foster for PTSD seeks help

Oregon has multiple homes for foster children. But not one that is for children who suffer from extreme PTSD. These children have to go out of state for care. Oregon wants to bring them back home, but the homes they are trying to set up do not have the sufficient resources to care for these children. I am trying to set up a home that does. It would be able to house about four children at a time, ages 12-18. These children would be able to live their own lives. These children would also receive one-on-one care. Full mental health services would be available to them along with full education services. I would like to get some help setting this up along with people willing to volunteer. It is so rewarding to see these children be able to blossom!

Kaleah Morgan


City missed mark by closing ramp

I would like to know why the city of Independence felt it was necessary to close the Boat ramp for their citywide cleanup day?

Why couldn’t you have had the cleanup event and have the boat ramp open?

I was told by a city employee that it was closed for the taxpayers to bring their garbage to cleanup day. Well, I ask, what about the taxpayers who made that park possible?

By the way, I was also told it was advertised that the boat ramp was going to be closed. I have not seen it posted on their website or in the I-O.

My suggestion, you can do your city cleanup day and have the boat ramp open and co-exist together since it was in separate areas of the park.

Jimmy Christensen


Make driving easier for all

I’ve taken driving for granted. What would daily life be like if I needed to arrange for someone to take me to the store, work, worship, library, or doctor? I’ve asked Rep. Nearman and Sen. Boquist to support House Bill 2015, the “Equal Access to Roads Act,” and encourage others to contact their state representatives and senators.

Before 2008, the DMV required three things for licenses: prove identity, prove Oregon residency, and prove driving skills. Then the legislature tried to comply with new federal Real ID requirements. In 2017, the legislature passed the Real ID act, creating two options: (1) Standard Class C Driver License that is currently issued; or (2) Real ID License that allows boarding airplanes or entering federal buildings without further documentation of legal presence, such as a passport.

New requirements for Real ID create barriers. People affected the most include Oregon’s undocumented population, domestic violence survivors, homeless folks, and others who have difficulty accessing their birth certificates. Between 80,000-100,000 Oregon residents could benefit from driver license expansion.

HB 2015 expands eligibility for a Standard Class C license to all residents, returning to pre-2008 requirements. This allows people who pay fees and prove identity, residency, driving skills, to have a standard license regardless of citizenship.

As a Lutheran, I’m in a denomination which aims to do God’s work in the world and in local communities building “justice, peace and human dignity for all.” Why would I block someone from demonstrating road rules or from getting vehicle insurance?

Carol Christ


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