Paradise Lost

They tore up the mountains and tortured the land and wrote it all off to the progress of man. J. Prine

Thanks for the Lancastration of the area.

Louis Stuckey


Dallas Food Bank Thanks Grocery Outlet

The Dallas Food Bank would like to thank The Grocery Outlet for their continued support.

They helped paint and rejuvenate the food bank, which was extremely helpful.

They also held an Independence from Hunger food drive, donating many pounds of food and involved community support. We were able to feed a great number of hungry families in our community!

We are grateful to have you in Dallas!

Mona Ordonez,

Food Bank Volunteer


What Oregon Should Be Doing

Oregon has thousands of people living on the streets every day. Businesses everywhere looking for workers finding none what’s wrong here. Oregon has thousands of people needing mental and medical help daily. Oregon has thousands of kids going to bed hungry daily plus thousands of adults. No matter how much money is pumped into the k-12 school systems Oregon is at the bottom in the nation with test results for all grades before their senior year IF they get that far. This has been going on for twenty years.

 What are a lot of our elected legislatures from the Governor down are working on is the so-called Carbon Bill that they say will SAVE THE EARTH. I will tell you that if you study past history that this Earth has been going thru these cycles of extreme weather for millions of years. Find out what happens every 40,000 years and see what Earth has gone thru and why. The folks backing the Carbon bill want to raise the prices of all fossil fuels some even want to eliminate all fossil fuel in ten years. This will hit the middle and low income folks the hardest driving additional folks to live on the street. You could completely shut Oregon down and see no results of saving the EARTH.

I say we can do some small things to help lower our carbon print but let’s work towards solving the problems I listed above and SAVE OREGON. If we need to elect different legislatures to accomplish this let’s do it.

Bill J. Kluting


Trump lacks class

Well, Cadet Bonespur, our president, continues to attack people at the drop of a hat. While playing golf when hurricane Dora was happening he states “Obama would have gone to Hawaii”. Cokie Roberts, reporter, dies and his comment is “She never treated me nicely”. Yes, Donald, it’s always about you. And now he’s moving his residence to Florida as “he was treated badly by state and city officials in New York”. When Beto O’Rourke withdrew from the presidential race, Trump tweets that O’Rourke is a ‘poor bast**d’. Maybe our next president will have class.

Even after Trump withdrew troops from Turkey, the Kurds have still helped the United States, including the takedown of al-Baghdadi. Isn’t it interesting Trump owns a hotel in Istanbul?

And another cabinet member bites the dust with the resignation/firing (whichever) of Nat’l Security Advisor Bolton. How many does this make now?

In September Trump states the refugees from the Bahamas are ‘some very, bad people, very bad gang members and very, very bad drug dealer’s’. This is news to a lot of us.

A bill in the Senate is sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk since February, which would close loopholes in weapons background check. He says he is waiting for direction from Trump. How many more mass shootings will we have before he gets direction? No wonder McConnell’s popularity has dropped in his home state, where less than 30 percent polled thought he was doing a good job.

Clifford Brown


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