‘Friends’ increase awareness, funding

The Friends of the Dallas Aquatic Center enjoyed a productive first year of operation. We became a 501 c 3 nonprofit corporation and established a dedicated aquatic center trust account with the city of Dallas. Funds raised by the FDAC are deposited into the trust account to be used only for the aquatic center. With these funds, the city replaced the broken swimsuit spinner, the rope swing, the wheels on the kids fountain, as well as paying for other necessary repairs and supplies.

Raising awareness of the aquatic center is a big part of our mission. In February 2019, along with Les Schwab, we sponsored a dive in movie at the pool. Over 100 people watched “Lilo and Stitch” and enjoyed free pizza and drinks donated by Dallas businesses and pool supporters. Our next movie night will be in February 2020. We distributed 350 free swim passes during Krazy Dayz and 1,250 free swim passes to local elementary school children. FDAC will reimburse the city $4 for each pass redeemed.

Individual donations and business banners helped make these activities possible. As we move forward, we are applying for grants for major projects, including providing a water safety course to all K-5 children attending a Dallas elementary school.

Thank you for supporting FDAC; more people are enjoying our amazing facility every day. We can always use more volunteers and donations. Check our Facebook page Friends of the Dallas Aquatic Center for more information.

Ann Hurd

FDAC President


Support students learning STEAM skills

Remember the last time you were excited about learning something new? It was a fabulous feeling, right?

Let’s help Dallas area school kids experience it by creating an innovative science, technology, engineering, arts and math machine.

The STEAM machine is actually a converted school bus that will be used at schools and community events to inspire and engage learners of all ages with a variety of hands-on activities and challenges.

The Car Doctor, Les Schwab and Service Graphics have joined forces to get the bus in working condition with new tires and a fancy design.

The goal is now to fill the bus with tools, equipment and activities to get kids excited about their education and encourage the four Cs: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

I’ve stepped up with a $400 donation to start to gather the more than $21,000 needed to outfit the bus. Id’ like to ask the Dallas community to make a donation of any amount to the STEAM machine to Jamie Richardson at LaCreole Middle School, 701 SE Lacreole Drive, Dallas.

Leland Schlenker


Judge’s sentence is just

I would like to take this opportunity to praise our local Judge Monte Campbell for what I see as a just sentence in the case of Quinlyn Harden.

We call his victims survivors and hope for their best in the future as survivors.

I personally was in a similar situation with a “survivor” daughter who has borne the damage of mental health for 30+ years. Her predator was given 30 days in the Klamath Falls jail for four years of molestation. Where was the justice? Insult compounded insult. Were her cries for justice heard?

Thank you, Judge Campbell, for hearing and responding to the cries of the innocents.

Joetta Chrissakis


State ‘survey’ disingenuous

Many Oregonians across the state have recently received a survey on alcohol use from the Oregon Health Authority. I suggest that one should read and study this survey, but do not respond. This “survey” is a poorly veiled attempt to “educate” the public on alcohol abuse and, through the use of loaded questions, suggests that we can legislate morality and solve our social problems with money. I am not a drinker and believe that education on this subject is needed, but I question the use of disingenuous formats such as this by the State of Oregon.

In addition, this survey attempts to determine my “values.” While touching on fairness, social justice, animal rights, and gender issues; it asks nothing about my deeply held convictions on faith, the Cross, and the sanctity of human life.

2000 years ago, Jesus told of a house that had been swept clean of a demon. However, when the demon returned and found the house empty, he brought seven yet more wicked others and they moved right in. Until we, as individuals and a nation, are willing to get on our knees and invite God back into our lives, homes, and public institutions, we will forever be cleaning house only to find that our demons have multiplied.

Steve Bennett


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