Lisa Scheirman emailed this letter to Monmouth Interim City Manager Chad Olsen on Oct. 9.

For more information, see the news story -Monmouth responds to election complaint.

We believe that Mayor Cec Koontz has advocated for a political position utilizing the city’s resources, specifically her “Mayors Notes” in the Issue 116, October 2020 publication of the City Community Notes newsletter distributed both in print with utility bills, and posted online, in violation of ORS 260.432: “elected officials may not have an opinion piece or letter advocating a political position published in a jurisdiction’s newsletter or other publication produced or distributed by public employees” — Oregon Secretary of State.

Even though her letter does not endorse a particular platform, it clearly speaks to the perceived value of experience in elected office and goes so far as to indicate that those who have not served on boards or in other elected positions might not be able to hit the ground running and perform effectively. It inherently discounts those who have ran their own businesses, and even more common, ran budgets within their personal residences, insuring that they are not spending or committing to spend more than is in the account at the end of the day. Every person in government leadership positions were “new to the job” at least once. It also insinuates that all candidates may not be performing their due diligence preparing for the position they seek, with negative messaging like “ask your candidates if they have been doing that homework.”

Additionally, the insinuation that it is anything but valuable having a large number of participants file for these positions is at best insulting, but at worst furthers the statutory violation. Our government was built on citizens being willing to step up and perform their civic duty by serving as leaders in our local communities and beyond. We think that a “nearly-record number of candidates for local office” is a positive thing, and that them individually promoting their messaging is useful — and not to be celebrated by stating we are thankfully not being “bombarded with ads from these folks.”

In light of the fact that the City has a robust and contested election this year, and that many candidates are running from a position with less experience and exposure than Mayor Koontz, it seems only reasonable that the City allow a platform for these candidates to express their alternative perspective(s) with regard to the upcoming election. We simply request equal access to the citizens of our community that Mayor Koontz has taken advantage of/enjoyed. A statement of apology and/or admission of wrong-doing would be appreciated as well.

Lisa Scheirman

Jason Branske

Jason Ridgeway

Adam Jefferson

Seth Rogers

Koontz’s column is on the city’s website:

Woods has proven leadership

I support Ken Woods for Dallas City Council. Ken has proven leadership skills with common sense decision making and has shown this with many years on the City Council. Ken is a long time Dallas resident who knows and understands the personality of Dallas and knows what is best for our community. I am impressed with his knowledge of budgetary issues and his ability to work with everyone. I have known Ken for 27 years in the Rotary Club and have witnessed his commitment to all he does. Please join me in voting for Ken. I recommend him without reservation.

Weston Rusty Morrill


Printer story was inspirational

Kudos for that excellent article on Oct. 7 by Tom Henderson about printer Lee Shrunk! So inspirational to read about Mr. Shrunk’s passion for printing presses—both collecting and renovating, sometimes even rebuilding them, as well as his respect for the history. I was fascinated by the interweaving of the history and importance of the printing press with the personal story of our own local expert.

Enlightening, educational, and delightful to read. Thank you

Elizabeth Harris


Gordon for Falls City

For our mayor, Jeremy Gordon, is our best choice for many reasons. He is a good family man and father to Harvey. He has wonderful forward thinking ideas and goals for our community. He has excellent communication skills and connections with both county and state government services. He believes in equality rights and opportunities for all citizens. He strives to keep politics and religion separate while working to unite our community, not dividing us.

Stay with Gordon. His past service is obvious and we need to keep on track and continue move forward.

Jeff and Janet Propp

Falls City

Re-elect McArdle for Indy

The extraordinary challenges Independence and we citizens are facing in the midst of this economic and health crisis must be met with solid leadership, insight and experience. Changing captains in the middle of a storm is never a good idea. Replacing the most skilled captain with someone who has no experience would simply be foolish. John McArdle has been an extraordinary and stable leader who has proven his worth repeatedly, ensuring that Independence remains a vital and cherished community. As with any “job interview,” look to the facts to understand that John McArdle is the best choice for Independence.

Katherine Bartlet


McKiel will tirelessly serve

We urge a vote for Carol McKiel for Monmouth City Council. She will be a courageous, conscientious public servant who will work tirelessly for Monmouth. All public servants should be help accountable for the just treatment of all citizens. Carol has the character to hold herself accountable.

As an educator, she knows how to resolve conflict, attack issues, and find solutions. Her experience at OSU puts her in good stead to build relationships between WOU and the city Monmouth.

We know Carol to be a smart, determined, unflappable leader, excited to serve Monmouth.

Mary Einsworth


Vote Jaffer for Polk County

Kind folks, please cast your ballot for Danny Jaffer in this coming election. Danny is extraordinarily well-educated, capable and is truly interested in serving the citizens of Polk County. His background as a life-long Polk resident will serve him well in the effort to improve our area. There is no better choice. Ballots will be mailed to voters beginning on the 14th of this month so watch for it and most importantly vote and return it as early as you can. Voting is your moral obligation as a citizen of the United States. Don’t fail it.

Fred Brown


Jaffer will bring fresh ideas

I am asking you to vote for Danny Jaffer for the Polk County Commission. Mr. Jaffer has extraordinary qualifications for a position such as this and he will be able to bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to the commission. Being a lifelong Polk County resident gives him a excellent view of our county and its issues. We need a fresh idea set on Polk so I ask that you select him as you mark your ballot. Plus, if you weren’t planning to vote, please do perform you public duty.

Nancy Brown


Independence needs change

My wife and I have lived in Independence for 44 years and have been very active in our neighborhood community.

This election I received a flyer in the mail from a PAC called “Indy Forward” claiming that a group had formed to take over the Independence Council. This is a preposterous claim.

Jack Waddell, Sarah Jobe, Dawn Roden & David Ramcharan are all professions in their fields and dedicated to working for and helping all citizens in Independence. I urge you to vote for these 4 people who will bring positive changes to the city.

Ronald Cooper


Vote Adams for Dallas mayor

Born and raised in Dallas, Nancy Adams is running for Mayor of Dallas.

After graduating from Western Oregon University, her newspaper career started in Dallas with the Itemizer-Observer -- except for 13 years as publisher of the Molalla Pioneer, where she also served on the Molalla city council.

She returned to Dallas in 1994 as publisher of the I-O and was active in local government and business organizations. She knows Dallas’ growth and economy.

She will listen to any concerns and suggestions. She loves this town. Vote for Nancy Adams for Mayor. She will stand tall with all of us.

Charlotte Lamb


Dalton provides a steady hand

I am writing to endorse Brian Dalton for another term as mayor. There are some very qualified candidates for the position and no doubt would do a fine job. However, at this time of great uncertainty in our nation, I believe we need a steady hand on the wheel on the local level... one with a proven track record. I have worked very closely with him over the past few years and I know Mayor Dalton has proven himself to be that steady hand. Vote with me to help ensure stabilty in our beloved Dallas.

Mark Sturtevant


Houghtaling Serves Everyone

Amy Houghtaling has served Falls City as a selfless volunteer for many years. Her experience as Mayor of Falls City, business owner, board member for many area nonprofits, and Director of the award-winning Falls City after school program, will serve the citizens of Falls City well. Amy’s caring spirit, coupled with her deep knowledge of the issues, will elevate the City Council to new heights. Her tenure as a forward-thinking Mayor set the stage for so much future success. A vote for Amy is a vote for our future.

Alea Littleton

Falls City

Amid 2020 stress, appreciate fall beauty

The world has been a pretty hectic place this year and we all feel the stress. Covid-19 and the Elections have dominated our lives. Perhaps we can take our minds off these problems, for a moment, by observing the changing season and all the wonderful colors of Fall.

The recent fires have filled our skies with toxic smoke for several weeks which brings the destruction of trees close to home. Trees use photosynthesis to turn the sun’s light to oxygen and also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. They are crucial to balancing the Ecosystem of the planet. This makes me appreciate Fall’s unfolding beauty even more.

I did not really experience such beauty until I moved to Oregon 23 years ago. Even after all these years, I am still in awe in at the changing season which teaches us about letting go, and then in Spring, another new beginning.

The colors are dazzling! The parks are filled with this splendor. Each year I look forward to some of my favorite trees changing right before my eyes, the way the sun shines through the leaves, and the diverse colors sparkling in the breeze. Each tree and plant has its own special beauty. THE DIVINE’S PRESENCE IS EVERYWHERE! It fills me with such peace, gratitude and appreciation of the beautiful foliage and wildlife that is all around me.

So take a few minutes to stop, look and listen. Feel the change in the air....breathe, give thanks and be at peace.

Dorothy Woxell


Jaffer has the skills for BOC

I think it’s time that our Polk County Board of Commissioners had a new set of eyes to look at the issues facing us. Danny Jaffer has deep Polk County roots and a strong sense of giving back to his community. He has the training and experience to bring new skills, like law and group leadership, to the commission and a broader view of county responsibilities. Please join me in voting for Danny Jaffer to help balance the views represented on our current board.

Dale Derouin


Support Kreft for Dallas council

I will be voting for Tawnya Kreft for Dallas city council. She has been an active member of the Friends of Dallas Public Library for a number of years.  Tawnya shares ideas and is willing to take on projects. She will be a voice for diverse groups in Dallas.  Tawnya will work with community groups to develop solutions to problems through collaboration. Tawnya will work hard and be available to citizens to answer questions and listen to concerns. She is very approachable and will work with citizens to solve concerns.

Lois Derouin


Paul Evans has hurt our students

Everyone agrees our students deserve nothing but the best. Oregon has made progress in graduation rates, and dropout rates appear to have stabilized throughout the state - but locally, we’ve seen the opposite. Under Paul Evans’ watch, dropout rates increased in both Marion and Polk County. This is unacceptable. As a state representative, he has failed his duty to do what is best for the students in his district. As an outspoken community leader and a strong supporter of career & technical education, Selma Pierce has earned my support. She will help our children.

Rich and Renetta Frederick


Pierce will help students

Our students are suffering. As parents, our hands have been tied regarding public schools by career politicians like Kate Brown, Tina Kotek, and our own Paul Evans. Although experts report increases in students suffering from mental health crises due to school closures (KATU News Friday Oct 9th), many current legislators (that are endorsed by the OEA, such as Paul Evans) will not pressure the governor to re-open schools. I support Selma Pierce, to help end the supermajority, so our children return to school to prevent further deterioration of their mental health.

Janica Duncan


Re-elect Evans

Why I’m voting for Paul Evans to continue to represent us in the Oregon House of Representatives: I’m the mom of two kids who grew up in Salem and I care about kids. Paul’s record shows that he cares about kids, too. He has consistently worked hard to ensure all our children have the community support they need to be safe, well-educated, and succeed in life.

Paul is endorsed by the Mother PAC, Stand for Children, Salem-Keizer Education Association, Planned Parenthood, and the Oregon Education Association. If YOU care about kids, please vote for Paul Evans on Nov. 3.

Sandra Peterson


Keep BOC team together

The political climate in our nation and state has been strained beyond recognition in 2020. In that atmosphere, people look for comfort, safety, decorum and leadership in their local governments. Your Polk County Commissioners are attuned to the wants and needs of their constituencies. We know that a team such as ours cannot function well in an environment of chaos and political division. The Board of Commissioners that includes Lyle Mordhorst works well together and we believe you should support the consistency, work ethic, statesmanship and passion that Lyle brings to Polk County government. Please join our vote for Lyle.

Craig Pope and Mike Ainsworth

Polk County Commissioners

God loves everyone

Things are not always as they first appear. Black Lives Matter sounds right. I care about Black lives and every life. When I say that, I am called a racist. When I say God loves everyone, BLM/Antifa protestors scream there is no God. They demand respect as they use profanity and hate and threaten me. Why? Because I am offended at their disrespect of our flag many have died for. They hate the police and scream kill them all. I drive in a peaceful political convoy and am blocked and threatened. God loves everyone, so should we. Pray and vote.

LaVay W. Jefferies


Vote Woods Jr. for Dallas

We support Ken Woods Jr. for Dallas City Council. Ken has been a trusted member of our community that can be counted on to make common sense decisions to benefit all of the citizen of Dallas. He brings years of experience that are needed to help guide us into the future. Please join us in voting for Ken Woods. Jr. for Dallas City Council.

Kevin and Nancy Moen


Woods has experience

Ken Woods provides the Dallas City Council with knowledge of Dallas past and present. Ken is a lifelong resident and has children and grandchildren living here. Therefore, Ken understands issues impacting a broad range of interests.

Ken’s involvement with regional and state transportation commissions and committees gives the council a voice on plans for the area and brings to the council understanding of how Dallas fits into the area transportation plan and options to keep traffic flowing smoothly as the region grows.

Ken is a small business owner and has the experience and interest in growing our local business community.

Anne Fairchild


Re-elect Ken Woods

I have known Ken for 50 years.  He and his family have been lifelong residents of Dallas. He owns a business, participates in community causes and has been on the city council for years.

I served on the city council with Ken for many years and witnessed his leadership and commitment to his position. In work sessions, hearing and meetings, he was always well-prepared. He treated people with respect and listened to all sides of and issue.

Because of his experience, commitment and service to our community make him the best candidate for city council.

Wes Scroggin


Decentralize Polk County Commissioners

Are you aware that prior to the appointment of Lyle Mordhorst all three county commissioners were from Monmouth and Independence?

Polk County covers 744 square miles. Why should all the decision makers for county wide policy be centralized to 5.24 square miles of the County. Voting for Lyle is a Vote for the voices located outside of Monmouth and Independence. It’s a vote for decentralizing the power in Polk County. It’s a vote for Public Safety and Transportation of the whole county. Not just 5.24 square miles.

Zachary Steele


Light, not roundabout

I have read the article in the Polk County IO regarding the intersection of W. Ellendale and SW Levens.  If you read the article it states that the roundabout would NOT solve the issue because oversized 

Vehicles still would not be able to use the intersection.  Levens Street is a state truck route to prevent oversized vehicle from using the downtown streets. The roundabout would cost much more tax payer’s money than the signal light.  That is a school zone and I live in that neighborhood and we have a hard time insuring that driver’s slowdown in that area, at least most stop at the stop signs and that causes the vehicles obey the speed limit.  I work in Portland and the speeds in and around the roundabouts is higher than the area speed limit.  Drivers do not have to stop so they roll through the turns at a fast  pace.  This is not good for the safety of the school kids or the parents trying to pull in and out of the parking lot at the school.  I ask the city of Dallas to make sure they think this through and use our tax money wisely. 

Larry Indra


Re-elect Woods for council

I was on council with Ken for over 20 years and found him to be fair, thoughtful and care in making decisions. As a local businessman who raised his family and spent his life here is certainly has Dallas’ best interests and our way of life at heart. He’s an influential member on many regional and state groups and represent Dallas very well. He’s a great example of what we should expect of our elected representatives and I encourage you to vote for him for Dallas city council.

Kevin Marshall


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