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Vote Jaffer for Polk County

Commissioners Pope and Ainsworth stated “a team such as ours cannot function well in an environment of chaos and political division.” Political division? Danny Jaffer played a key role in making the BOC non-partisan. Chaos? They don’t want a fellow commissioner taking a 25 percent pay cut, redirecting those funds to public health and community development, voting against pay raises for themselves, and possessing the backbone to stand up for Polk County? It’s a shameful abuse of their public positions, using public resources to endorse any candidate. A lifelong resident of Polk County, Danny Jaffer will work hard for Polk County.

Dori Showell


Elect Adams Dallas mayor

If I could, I would vote for Nancy Adams. Living within Dallas’ Urban Growth Boundary for 50 years has been to live with several of the benefits and disbenefits of the city, without the voice of my vote. The most I can do is offer an opinion. Of the city’s mayoral candidates, there is one I have had a longstanding collaborative relationship: Adams. She is prayerfully thoughtful, possesses a level of integrity second to none, and has a proactive passion for Dallas that has been reflected in her community involvement. She would have my vote. Perhaps she will have yours.

Roger Fletcher


McArdle is a strong leader

Mayor John McArdle has led the transformation of Independence.

I have been privileged to sit on council to support positive and economically sound advancements.

Today Independence is a jewel.

John McArdle is a strong leader. He values and respects his council.

The wealth of his experience is a treasure for Independence.

Mayor McArdle’s influence is felt state-wide, to the benefit of this community.

John McArdle’s actions and visions are always guided by his desire to see the City of Independence be the best it can be.

I am voting for John McArdle for Mayor of Independence.

Please join me.

Marilyn Morton


Morton is an Independence City Councilor

Nancy for Mayor

A strong tree grows with deep roots. This describes the deep roots Nancy ‘Lamb’ Adams has in our community. She has served us well for the past four decades on many boards and committees that have promoted Dallas and the people it serves. You will not find a more qualified candidate on the ballot. Vote Nancy for Dallas Mayor

Warren and Sue Lamb


Re-elect Woods to council

Let’s return Ken Woods to the Dallas City Council. He’s served us well for 38 years. He’s been on numerous county and state committees benefitting Dallas. He’s a local business owner and part of five generations of local Woods families that have served this community. I served on the city budget committee with him and found his knowledge and expertise outstanding. Ken cares about and listens to his constituents. He is dedicated and passionate about what is best for the City of Dallas.

Lynn Hurt


Be kind to volunteer callers

I’m writing to encourage people to courteous and even kind to live GOTV volunteers when they answer political calls for the next two weeks. This has nothing to do with partisanship. For all parties and candidates, COVID has created a new environment for callers. Instead joining of a welcoming social group with coffee and snacks, new volunteers are sitting by themselves, getting up their nerve to make the next call, without the supporting buzz of experienced people calling near them. You may get repeated calls from a party and from various candidates; they cannot take you off of lists which are not their own. If you don’t have time to listen to the entire script, just interrupt politely say “I already voted/I will vote, and I support/do not support your candidates. Thank you for volunteering,” and hang up. All of us in benefit from our democracy and all of us have a responsibility to participate in the political process. If you have chosen to answer the phone, please make the volunteer’s job easier. Thank you.

Suzanne Price


Evans a better choice for HD20

Selma Pierce does not represent the values of my family, or the majority of House District 20. By aligning themselves with the current party occupying the White House, Pierce has gone along with this madness with zero resistance. If more like Pierce are elected, and if Trump stays in power, we can say goodbye to our affordable healthcare with preexisting conditions, women’s rights to their own autonomy, and funding in our public schools. Has she come out to condemn white supremacy and police brutality? We know what she stands against, but who does she stand for? Vote for Paul Evans.

Steven Bell


Elect Woods for Dallas

Ken Woods is a logical choice for the Dallas City Council. He would continue to bring a rich history to city council decisions, a commitment to the betterment of Dallas as a community, and an ability to fairly weigh in on issues before making a decision. Ken works well with others, is a good listener, and will eagerly put in the hours it requires to keep Dallas running smooth. Our city is always better off with councilors who put the community above their personal interests. Ken Woods is such a councilor and deserves a yes vote.

David J. Voves


Support Nancy for mayor

As a newcomer to Dallas, I take time to know the issues and the candidates. Since I arrived five years ago, I have observed the rapid growth. I read about the city plan – street repair/maintenance, water/sewer sufficient during drought, on time 911 for fire, police and ambulance, and business support and expansion.

I strongly believe that Nancy is the best candidate to carry out this city plan. Nancy has the experience, connections, about and love of Dallas to move the plan forward. She has the vision to keep Dallas a strong vibrant, welcoming community for families, businesses and retirees.

Caroline White


Vote McArdle for Indy mayor

Having had the honor of working for John and retiring as city manager after eight and one-half years, I can honestly say that I have never in a 40-year career had the pleasure of working for someone so devoted to his community and its betterment.

Think progress, inclusion, equity, a strong economy (even during a pandemic), parks and trails, award-winning budgets, modern infrastructure, and the honoring of all the wonderful volunteers who have helped make this truly an All-America City.

It does take experience to make and keep a place great. Only one candidate for mayor, John McArdle, has it.

David Clyne


Clyne is a former Independence city manager

Re-elect Dalton mayor

As a Polk County resident of more than six decades, I appreciate the beauty of our region and the work ethic of our residents. When we all pull together, I know what has been and can be accomplished in our home towns. I also recognize the difference that a leader that works to bring people together can make on the livability of our community. Brian Dalton has routinely demonstrated this kind of leadership. I encourage the people of Dallas to re-elect Brian Dalton as Mayor.

Rich Foster


Koontz has made progress

When Monmouth voters contemplate their choice for mayor and city council please consider the progress made under Mayor Cec Koontz. We have improved the way Council communicates with residents and responds to their issues and concerns. The Mayor directed the public process to hire a dynamic new city manager. We have approved a budget that retains city services, approved planning to secure water and safe streets, convened a committee to guide our economic future, and we are developing a plan to replace our city hall, all with considerable public participation.

I hope you will join me in supporting her reelection.

Jon Carey

Monmouth City Council

Carey is a Monmouth City Councilor

Boquist is invisible

Senator Boquist: fled to Idaho rather than vote on legislation he opposed but would prevail; threatened the Senate president and State Police (yes, look it up); has legislative page links to a nonexistent Facebook page and a Twitter account where the most recent comment is from 2015. At this writing there’s no Boquist re-election webpage, interviews, appearances, or zoom. Where can constituents hear him discuss voting decisions?

The invisible man.

Bernadette Hansen is a highly qualified accessible person with integrity. She’ll work with colleagues on both sides to represent my District 12 honorably.

Time for change. Vote Bernadette Hansen.

Susan Karp


Evans stands for workers

As a mom, grandma, and college professor, I am casting my vote for Paul Evans for State Representative.

All I have seen from his opponent, Selma Pierce, is a slew of negative ads. In reality, she offers nothing for families like mine.

Paul stands up for educators and state workers. He protected our pensions and insurance; Selma wants to cut both. He supports a decent minimum wage; Selma doesn’t. Paul has specific plans and policies to help students. Selma hasn’t identified one piece of legislation she would draft to help students or families. Paul Evans is the better choice.

Paula Baldwin


Mordhorst is an advocate

Vote for Lyle Mordhorst for County Commissioner. When Our Perrydale Community hosted a Townhall Meeting, to discuss the HWY 22/Perrydale intersection, Lyle eagerly came to the meeting and supported the idea to address the congestion and prevention of wrecks at this intersection and others. Lyle is still working hard to get ODOT to fix this situation in a timely manner. Lyle is a true advocate for the people of Polk County. Thanks, Lyle for all you do.

Bill and Jan Stapleton


Re-elect Hicks for Indy

Michael Hicks’ dedication to Independence and its future is clear: his work on the MINET Board and ongoing efforts to provide affordable, high-speed internet, critical in this time of distance learning and teleworking; his endorsement by IndyForward because of efforts to make our community welcoming of all; and his work helping those impacted by COVID-19, whether small business owners or folks worried about their utility bills, he knows we all have a role in keeping Independence the place we love.

Michael’s leadership, work-ethic, and integrity make me proud to support his re-election to the Independence City Council.

Adam Crawford


Return Woods to council

We support Ken Woods Jr. for Dallas City Council. Ken truly cares about Dallas and has 38 years of experience on the city council. He is a fifth generation Dallas community member, a local businessman who gives back to the community, and a long-time friend. We have witnessed his commitment to our town.

Please join us in voting for Ken Woods for Dallas City Council. A man of experience, integrity and commitment to bettering Dallas.

Jim and Barbara Chaney


Evans hurts families

Paul Evans claims to support small businesses & working families, but the consequences of his voting record do the opposite. He has voted for nearly $3.5 billion in new taxes. Even when they target businesses, like the Corporate Activity Tax, all of us pay with increased prices at places like the grocery store, and with lost jobs from businesses that can’t sustain ONE MORE TAX. Please support Selma Pierce, as someone who’s actually ran a small business, and understands how the economy works!

Katie Dusschee


Scheirman for mayor

Current Monmouth Mayor Koontz recently used the October 2020 issue of the ‘Community Notes’ utility insert to make a case for voting for those who have experience serving. While not a requirement, this is “absolutely” helpful she wrote. In other words, “Vote for me, because I have experience.” I don’t think her opinion using this publication is an appropriate use of public funds.

I’ll vote for a new voice who is just as well connected and experienced — Lisa Scheirman. She has the energy to serve without complaint and is equally committed to Monmouth’s citizens.

Nannette Willis


Dalton a leader

My friendship and working relationship with Brian has spanned over 18 years. Together with the city council, city manager he has demonstrated proven leadership and experience. Brian’s will continue his working with community groups focusing on the Downtown revitalization - working with urban renewal, historic preservation, streetscape beautification, and building improvement programs.  Join with me and re-elect Brian Dalton for his continued passion for the betterment of Dallas.

Rich Wolcott


Koontz encouraged involvement

I always enjoy reading the Itemizer Observer because of the positive and unbiased stories in and around Polk County. As a Monmouth resident, I also enjoy reading the Community Notes enclosed in my monthly utility bill where I learn of new businesses, upcoming events, and other valuable information. But my favorite part of the newsletter is the Mayor’s Notes. “Promoting Pride, Progress, and Friendly Home Values” is Monmouth’s descriptive tagline and is always exemplified in the Mayor’s Notes. Cec Koontz writes a terrific piece in every month’s newsletter and October was no exception. When I read the Mayor’s most recent piece, I agreed completely that, “All politics is local.” In no way could it be construed as advocating a politically position. Cec encouraged residents to get involved, to study the issues and to not rely on rumor and gossip. She also encouraged all to VOTE! I do not see how any of her advice could be perceived as advocating a political position. It was the abbreviated version of the Civics class that I took in high school. Monmouth’s Interim City Manager, Chad Olsen, was wise to give the complaint no credence.

Susan Fuller


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