Re-elect Dalton for Dallas mayor

Job experience and passion for the city are why I am voting for Brian Dalton for Mayor of Dallas. He is the only candidate who has been in Dallas City Government long enough to know our past history, our present challenges and exciting plans for the future. Brian has participated in the League of Oregon Cities, is past president of the Oregon Mayors Association, and is committed to making Dallas a wonderful place to live. Join me in re-electing Brian Dalton for Mayor of Dallas, Oregon.

Ann Hurd


Support Scorvo for HD 23

I urge support for Sean Scorvo in the election for District 23 representative in the Oregon House of Representatives. He recognizes that our district is becoming more economically and ethnically diverse.

Current representative Mike Nearman is senior fellow of the Freedom Foundation, based in Washington state, an anti-labor union group with ties to the Koch Foundation. Plus, Rep. Nearman was a leader of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, an anti-immigrant group.

In this era of income inequality and stagnant wages, let’s vote for the candidate who stands with working families—Sean Scorvo.

Ed Brandt


Vote for Woods for Dallas council

Ken Woods Jr. for city counsel. Ken will bring leadership and knowledge to the council. Ken will make common sense decisions that will make Dallas a better place to live, work, play, and raise a family. Please join me in voting for Ken Woods Jr.

Mike Buhler


Elect McKiel for Monmouth

I’m writing in support of Carol McKiel for city council. Not one to sit on the sidelines, her interest in improving our community has led her to helping make our town more bicycle, pedestrian and tree friendly.

An OSU educator, she brings a teacher’s zeal to working with others, problem resolution, planning and service.

Her keen sense of equality and inclusivity, reflect her beliefs that Monmouth is best served when all members of our community are included. These, values, coupled with her sense of civic responsibility make her the perfect candidate for council--Monmouth would be lucky to have her!

Bev Beaird-Leeper


Woods committed to Dallas

I support Ken Woods’ candidacy for City Council. I have known Ken for more than 10 years. His commitment to the city of Dallas is long and supportive. He has been a Dallas business person for decades. He has served the community with his leadership on the council and service clubs. He is known for common sense and practical decision making. He will make a fine contribution on the council.

Kent Kentch


Voters have a choice on Nov. 3

Walking around a Dallas neighborhood this week it was very interesting to come on a house with a “Veteran for Trump” sign in the yard. Then looking across the street at another yard and another sign — it said “Republican for Biden.”

It was a great reminder that we have a choice.

Each registered voter needs to make that choice and make their vote count.

Dave Weston


Newcomers support McArdle

My wife and I moved to Independence this summer. On our near-daily walks, we’ve been impressed by the fact that a town of fewer than 10,000 people has created such a thriving downtown, riverside park, and trail system. By talking with community members, we know these successes are thanks to Mayor John McArdle and his team. Even in our short time here, we have benefited from his commitment to making Independence a vibrant city. We will be voting for his reelection this November, and encourage you to do the same.

Anne Johnson


Re-elect Gordon for Falls City

“Go With Gordon”!! That is my vote! Mayor Gordon has done an exemplary job being our mayor. I am amazed by his ability to network with necessary stake holders in our county and state to bring services and resources to Falls City. Mayor Gordon has also continued to move Falls City in a forward moving direction in the areas of downtown development, infrastructure improvement (water, sewer, streets) and professional services at city hall, among other things. Mayor Gordon understands that Falls City wants to thrive and at the same time keep that “small town” feeling. Go with Gordon!

Amy Houghtaling

Falls City

Political Yard Sign Placement

I am proud to have a Danny Jaffer for Polk County Commissioner sign in my front yard. I have a message for all candidates for local offices: I will not vote for you if you or your supporters place signs in the public right-of- way (it is not legal), on vacant lots or anywhere else you don’t have permission (it demonstrates a lack of integrity). By the way, the day after the election, those signs become obsolete and an eyesore. Please take them down. Thank you.

Joe Koubek


Vote Roden in Independence

I’m writing in support of Dawn Roden for Independence City Council. Dawn was born and raised in this small community, returning to raise her family after serving 10 years in the United States Navy. Dawn’s leadership is demonstrated in her dedicated service to our country, volunteering on the town’s historic preservation committee over the last 10 years, and in her home where she manages a family of six. Dawn’s love for her community is the driving force behind her desire to serve on Independence’s council, where she will provide a much-needed voice for all of the citizens in the community.

Erin Hill-Johnson


Re-elect McArdle as mayor

I am so proud to have been a resident of the City of Independence for ten years and do not want to see the clock turned back on the progress that has been, and continues to be made. Independence is a model of inclusion for our diverse population and this has all happened under Mayor McArdle’s watch.

Economic opportunity, safety and equity have been the mainstay of this City. Let’s make sure together that it continues to be so.

Please join me and cast your vote for Mayor John McArdle.

Peggy Clyne


Prayer march deserved coverage

I want to thank the I-O for their news reporting over the past weeks/months. Seeing the groups of protesters of 3-6 people standing at the corner in North Dallas is important as we find that there aren’t that many angry Dallas people that are willing to step out and make negative statements. I do not understand, though, that when we have 200 people come together for a prayer walk, praying for our city, churches, businesses, local, state, and national government leaders, no reporters are to be seen. No pictures or write ups in the Newspaper. A big thank you to the folks that organized and participated in the peaceful prayer walk.

Joyce Harms


Evan’s is a role model

Please join me in re-electing Paul Evans for House District 20. I met Paul many years ago in junior high, he was very kind, polite, supportive and genuine. Paul and I played sports together through high school and he was a role model on and off the field. Paul always had strong integrity, leadership skills, kindness, and sportsmanship. Now that I am an adult I have even more respect and admiration for Paul. He advocates for every Oregonian equally whether you are a student, parent, police or military as Paul was.

Please join me and vote for Paul Evans.

Brent McMillan


Roden has perseverance

Dawn is well rooted in this community and knows first hand the importance of supporting the diverse needs of its citizens. Dawn will be fully committed to her position on the city council and serve our community with an open mind and perseverance. Dawn has served our country in the U.S. Navy and will take that same devotion to protecting all citizens regardless of their backgrounds. I’ve witnessed countless times over the past 45 years her ability to build bridges instead of walls with her fellow citizens. The type of changes required for our community will need the style of leadership Dawn Roden will provide.

Shane Hedrick


Jaffer asks for your vote

I’m Danny Jaffer, and I am asking for your vote for Polk County Commissioner.

I am a veteran, the only candidate who served in the uniform of our country. I believe in the Constitution, and I believe in the goodness of Americans and Polk County.

I know what it means to serve, and get things accomplished. I am experienced, educated and committed to doing what is right.

I am the only candidate who grew up here, the only candidate who is volunteering to cut my tax-supported pay, and promises to vote against commissioner raises while I am in office.

Danny Jaffer


Elect Adams Dallas mayor

I’m supporting Nancy Adams for mayor of Dallas. She’s a passionate public community servant who was born and raised in Dallas. She serves on the Urban Renewal District Advisory Boards, is chairperson of the Dallas Budget Committee and vice-president of the Dallas Retirement Village. She loves Dallas and wants to be involved in furthering the growth of the city and expanding the business community. Nancy will bring integrity, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude to the office of mayor, along with a knowledge of the community. Nancy will do a great job of considering best interests of all Dallas citizens!

Chris Mitchell


Vote Waddell and Scheirman

Time for genuine leadership

Dedicating one’s life to being a career politician is one thing — John McArdle is a shining star in that regard. However, it also takes a special individual to step-up and serve in a time of need. Citizens are fed up with political sheep who take orders from the political establishment. McArdle and Koontz refuse to respond to citizens. Their councilors largely follow their lead. We have amazing candidates running for office this year. They will keep us safe and hold government accountable. In this year’s election, vote for new energy. Vote Waddell & Scheirman!

Deb Thomas


Pierce will address issues

Complex issues require new ways of thinking. I want legislators ready and able to get things done. I want them to tackle hard issues like homelessness, education, and PERS. These issues have gotten increased attention over the years for good reason: They’re getting worse. Determining paths forward is complex, requiring diversity of thought and dynamic minds. Selma Pierce has my trust and support. She understands complex issues require coordinated efforts, involving different levels of government and private entities. Selma is dedicated to her communities, and will work for action to address these issues and many more if elected.

Brittney Hall


Supermajority Has To Go

Have you enjoyed paying more at the grocery store for food in 2020? Thank Paul Evans and his liberal Portland friends. The minimum wage ratcheting up, combined with the new corporate activities tax assessed on gross sales, has given grocery stores no choice other than to raise prices. Costs have risen for us farmers on the production side too - and we certainly aren’t seeing any extra income for the crops. We need balance in Salem that will protect and support us in the best AND worst of times. Please vote Selma Pierce for HD20!

Scott Setniker


Vote for community

This paper would have you believe the small group supporting BLM are the only ones getting profanity thrown at them. Try holding an American flag in support of police officers and see what happens. If recognized as a local business owner, abuse escalates to falling victim to false and malicious reports and physical vandalism. There is no place in these towns for this kind of behavior towards our neighbors. I set aside my political affiliation to focus on community welfare, and hope you, too, will ask whether candidates have a political agenda, or want what is best for this town.

Larry Dalton


Quench backyard fire pits

Barely two weeks have passed since our part of the valley experienced some of the worst air quality in our history, and even as wildfires continue to rage in the state, I just wanted to take a moment to applaud the sensitivity of all the folks in town with backyard firepits who think it’s okay to pollute the neighborhood. I suspect they’re the same people who refuse to wear a mask in public for fear that it might suggest they’re weak. Never mind that we’ve been experiencing a global pandemic for which there’s still no vaccine. It’s truly amazing to me that people can be so dumb.

Jessie Rice


Jack Waddell for mayor

I support Jack Waddell for Mayor. Jack is always positive, welcoming, a listener and a friend to all. He is a successful contractor, who focuses on collaboration, customer service, and a quality, cost effective job. He has no agenda to “take over” our town, as suggested by the other side. Our town is better when we strengthen our vision and deepen our resolve to serve the needs of all citizens. Time to move forward with Jack. Jack loves Independence and cares about people. He is ready to serve our town.

Ingrid Saltvold Cooper


Dalton for Dallas

As the President-Elect of the Oregon Mayors Association and Mayor of neighboring city, Dayton, I am writing in strong support of re-electing Brian Dalton as Mayor of Dallas. For years I have worked with Brian in our regional mayors coalition and found him to be a remarkable leader and spokesman for our region and his community. His historical understanding of Dallas is invaluable to future visioning and his devotion to collaboration is exactly what is needed during these difficult times. Please vote to re-elect Brian to keep him fighting for Dallas.

Beth Wytoski


Dalton is tireless

Re-electing Mayor Dalton is a wise and forward-thinking vote in any election, but more so now than ever. In ten years of devoted service, his commitment to the people of Dallas has never wavered. He has worked tirelessly to revitalize the historic downtown, increase jobs and tax revenue, and create a warm, welcoming image for Dallas. Dalton is a solid collaborator, boosting ties with neighboring cities and leading to transportation improvements and regional cooperation. His support for agriculture and the multi-jurisdictional Mayors Agricultural Forum ensured that Dallas area farmers and businesses were included in planning and networking on marketing and land-use decisions vital to agriculture.

Anna Peterson


Roden will stand up for Independence

My mom, Dawn Roden, would make a great city council member. I believe that she would make a great city council member because she is very caring, will spot the little things, and can deal with them.

My mom was born and raised in Independence, she went to school here, and understands the issues that this town faces. She is not afraid to stand up and do what is right. She loves Independence.

Thank you for accepting my letter, please vote for Dawn Roden for city council seat #3.

James Roden


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