Misfortune highlights the good

When I got home Tuesday from my daily walk, I discovered I had lost my keys.

Two good things came of that.

First, I got to double my steps as I retraced my 2-mile walk. Then later, as I was sitting at home still keyless and feeling senile, our car alarm went off. I got up to look outside and saw a Dallas Police vehicle.

Sure enough a good citizen neighbor found my keys two blocks away and Sgt. Colby Hamilton had taken the time to drive slowly up our street while pushing the alarm button on the remote until he found us.

So thanks to you, good neighbor and thank you Officer Hamilton of the local good guy brigade.

Two more good reasons to say Dallas is a nice place to call home.

Tom Birkholz


Thank You to Many

A little girl was thrilled with her “chapter book” that she took home to read. A gentleman was excited to be able to see because he was given a pair of reading glasses after his vision exam. These were two examples of how people were served in our community on Oct. 26 at the Polk Community Free Clinic. PCFC couldn’t have done this alone and we wish to thank all who helped support in being present, helping with supplies or helping people to get to the screening.

Thanks to those who partnered with us: Goodwill Industries, Dallas Lion’s Club and their support team, Central & Dallas Vision Clinics, West Valley Hospital Lab, Dallas Rotary, Polk County Health Department, Western Oregon University Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program and of course many of PCFC’s faithful volunteers.

Gail Saxowsky

Polk Community Free Clinic

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