Stop the mask-wearing hypocrisy

A few days ago, I stopped off at the Polk County Sheriff’s office in Dallas to renew a dog license. When I entered the building, I was wearing a facemask and I saw that all of the staff were also wearing a mask as well.

Today, I stopped at Dallas town hall to see the notary and I wore my mask. Again, all of the employees I encountered wore masks too.

Good job on the part of the city of Dallas and Polk County!

I later drove to Salem to file a document with the Marion County Recording Department. This department houses at least 20 employees, maybe more. Of course, I dutifully put on my facemask before entering the building. I did not see anyone in the office workforce wearing a facemask.

However, every member of the public who entered the office behind me was wearing a mask.

What was even more disturbing to me - when I got onto the elevator to begin to exit the building, there was a person in the elevator not wearing a mask. Naturally, I assumed he was a Marion County employee, so I asked him if he was. He said he was and I asked him why every employee I saw wasn’t wearing a facemask. He said they weren’t required.

Apparently, there is a double standard in our state amongst certain “elite” groups that don’t choose to adhere to the state-mandated face mask standards.

Pure hypocrisy!

David Gray


Levens intersection is worse

I don’t know who came up with the totally confused intersection at Levens St. and Ellendale Ave. But it is a total traffic jam! Even before the school resumes this fall! What a mess! Dallas residents have used this intersection for years with very little confusion. Why screw it up now? Put it back like it was!

Ferrell True


Pierce declines appearances

Quite memorably, Republican legislators refused to show up for work in recent Sessions.

Now a Republican candidate for House District 20 refuses public appearances as well.

Selma Pierce, running against Rep. Paul Evans, has declined invitations from civic groups to appear at public candidate forums. Maybe it’s easier for Pierce and her husband to donate $200,000 (See OreStar) to her own campaign, which she’s done, rather than talk with voters.

Pierce appears unwilling to do the hard work necessary for voters to see her leadership ability. Her refusal to debate speaks volumes. Vote for Paul Evans: a true leader.

Eldon Hardenbrook


McArdle ‘tireless cheerleader’

It’s hard to imagine Independence without John McArdle as our mayor. John is a tireless cheerleader for our city and works continuously to bring ever better improvements to our town. As a business owner in Independence for the past 30+ years I have had a front row seat to see downtown transformed largely due to his leadership and vision. I have always found him to be a good listener and easy to work with. May he never retire!

Bob Archer


McArdle has built relationships

John McArdle is highly respected around our community and state. He has close working relationships with Monmouth, Dallas, Polk County, Fire District #1, and WOU. He has been an integral part of the League of Oregon Cities and is often at the State Capital. He commonly meets with State and US Representatives and Senators.

Much of our success in Independence is due to the relationships John McArdle has built as mayor. As we struggle to come back from the trials of 2020, we need those relationships and experience. Vote for John McArdle as Mayor of Independence.

Thomas Takacs

Independence City Council

Mordhorst keeps an open mind

The Polk County Commissioners clearly have the best interests of Polk County in mind by appointing Lyle Mordhorst to the commission.

Lyle brings a sound background in managerial and financial skills. He works closely with a diverse number of businesses and citizens in which he has earned their trust.

Most importantly, Lyle keeps an open mind, listening to issues at hand and is able to make the difficult decisions in the best interest of all of us.

Polk County needs Commissioners like Lyle Mordhorst. Please consider voting for Lyle this November.

Ray Steele

Retired Polk County Sheriff

Evans is killing our businesses

It is time to elect new representation for HD20. Paul Evans is out of touch with the needs of the local community and businesses, voting with the Portland elitists the vast majority of the time. He’s voted for tax increases like the CAT tax, tying the hands of local business. He has refused to meet with our Polk County Farm Bureau Board (unless we all came to him in Salem) – and isn’t a thriving agricultural industry is one of the most important things there is – at least if you like to eat?

Kathy Hadley


Selma has background we need

This November, PLEASE vote Selma Pierce for HD20. She is dedicated to doing what’s best for her community, demonstrated by her volunteer track record working with the homeless, etc. She has run small businesses and understands that a thriving local economy is critical for everyone. Perhaps most importantly, her leadership style perfectly positions her as someone who can build consensus and actually accomplish something in office, Selma won’t vote along party lines, as others in the past. She is willing to listen to the other side of issues. The supermajority has to go – please vote Selma.

Cathy McLean


Jobe for Independence

I’m supporting Sarah Jobe for Independence City Council for her diversity, integrity, compassion and love for her community.

Sarah has lived in Independence for many years and has been very involved with the community. She will represent all people and listen to make our community a better place. She would be a breath of fresh air!

Jennifer Branske


Re-elect Dalton for Dallas mayor

The Dalton family has been in Dallas for four generations. Each generation has been active in this community. Brian loves Dallas and is very passionate in his support of, and working for, the Dallas community. Brian formed a group of volunteers to clean up neglected lots in town, is active in the Downtown Association, the Dallas Community Arts Master Plan, and works on ideas that will make the Dallas community a better place to live and raise a family. He helps wherever he is needed.

Join me in reelecting Brian Dalton for Mayor.

Sue Rohde

Dallas City Historian

Dalton supports downtown Dallas

As a volunteer, I have been fortunate to serve with Mayor Brian Dalton on numerous committees for the historic downtown Dallas. I have depended on Mayor Dalton in writing and editing grants that have brought funding into the downtown area for improvements to our historic buildings. Brian and Carol Dalton have attended every event that I have organized, and I appreciate the fact that they have always shown up to support. I can honestly say that Mayor Dalton has always kept his word in support the efforts to bring vitality to downtown Dallas.

Eddie Nelson


Dalton is hard-working and passionate

As a former Dallas city councilor, I have known and worked with Mayor Brian Dalton for many years. I know of no one more passionate and hard-working for the betterment of Dallas. For those of you who love Dallas and believe in its future, please vote for Brian. He gets it.

Jim Brown


Waddell cares about Monmouth

Jack Waddell is someone I trust. Someone I trust to keep his word. Jack has a wonderful family. His kids are all hard workers that live in and contribute to this community. Jack has shown himself to be a great father. He is out in public. When I see him, he always says hello and is genuinely concerned with what is going on with me personally. He treats everyone this way. He transformed his neighborhood from a slummy place into a beautiful development of renovated homes. Jack always listens and responds. He cares about this community, and I love that.

Eric Scharer


Editor’s note: Eric Scharer is part of Jack Waddell’s campaign.

Vote McKiel for Monmouth

As a Monmouth resident, I support Carol McKiel for Monmouth City Council. In the years I’ve known Carol, I’ve seen her work tirelessly at all tasks she takes on. She served on the Monmouth Bike/Pedestrian Committee and the Tree Board. She’s a long-time educator and currently works at OSU.

I first met Carol in a class she was offering on racial justice. She inspired me to stand up against injustice. She supports our police and efforts so everyone feels safe in our community. Carol will give 100% to the Monmouth City Council to make Monmouth a safe and welcoming city.

Kathleen Grundle


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