Yes, there are trees in heaven

The Gate Youth Association would like to say a huge thank you to Guys Jones Timber & Tree Service, Mt. View Tree Service and the volunteers who showed up last Saturday and kicked off the building project for The Gate Community Youth Center across from CHS by helping take the trees down. We are excited to work with Dalke Construction on the youth center, which will includes a full-size gym, game room and commercial kitchen. The Gate is a (501) C3 nonprofit separate from the First Baptist Church, but we appreciate the opportunity First Baptist has given us to build on their property. The new facility is designed so that even more Central and Talmadge students will have a safe place to call their own while connecting with safe, caring adults. We appreciate every donor that has given over the last 15 years and helped make this project happen. For more information, please contact us at In response to the letter last week, unfortunately we were not able to design a building big enough to house the five existing trees inside, but will be replacing them according to the city of Independence building code. According to the Bible in Revelations 22:2, there are trees in heaven. You can look it up for yourself.

Ben Bobeda


No exclusions in what God offers

According to the U.N., USA Forest Information and Data reports, “Change in forest cover between 1990 and 2010, USA lost an average of 384,000 ha or 0.13 percent per year. In total, between 1990 and 2010, USA gained 2.6 percent of its forest cover, or around 7,687,000 ha.”

This is great news for Independence Baptist Church, who needed to remove several large trees in order to build its youth facility. Even better news is that the purpose of that building is to lovingly explain to young people what the God of creation has identified as the way to Heaven, faith in His Son, Christ Jesus. Our sins against God Almighty, past, present and future, are washed away through His sacrifice.

After death, the door to heavenly eternity will be opened, allowing us to henceforth dwell with the Creator of all life. Because of His great mercy, there are no exclusions in the promise He offers, such as living in a wooden home, or burning wood to cook or warm yourself.

Kris F. Dalton


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