Foundation aids food bank

The Dallas Food Bank would like to extend a hearty thanks to the Dallas Community Foundation.

Thanks to their generous grant, we will be able to purchase healthy proteins and some sorely needed personal items.

They have made many Dallas families healthier and happier.

Mona Ordonez

Dallas Food Bank Volunteer


Curves pays it forward

Thank you to our community and our wonderful Chamber of Commerce.

On March 8, Curves was selected as the 2019 Monmouth Independence Chamber of Commerce Business of the year. March 8 was also International Women’s Day, and we couldn’t have been more proud to receive this award on such a perfect day. We wanted to extend our gratitude to our community for supporting our small boutique fitness studio.

We will continue to show our gratitude and thanks by giving back to our community in every way we can. Our owners and coaches are committed to strengthening women at every stage of life. We invite you to join us in supporting women with our charitable partnerships including Women Against Alzheimer’s and the Polk County Relay For Life.

Christal Sperling


‘What if’ widens conversations

“What if” letters are not “the sky is falling” and should not be given the blanket name of “scare tactics.” When the “what if” phrase is used, it can be a request for further exploration in the community we live in. To see such letters as something that should be addressed to specific entities only is to limit their ability to invite or widen conversations. That can lead us to a dangerous isolation of opinions. To limit these questions and see them as destructive is to impinge on the freedom of speech and limit our community to only one way of thinking.

Scientists and inventors ask “what if” questions as they seek to better things for humanity. Every new invention and new medication and cure has to start with that.

Susan Michael


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