Balance must be found

Our water is becoming undrinkable. Our air is polluted.

There is no place for excess human waste except into our rivers, lakes streams and oceans.

With our out-of-sight, out-of mind ways and the dangerous belief we should do something just because we can, we worship at the altar of capitalism and foul the very home in which we live.

And added to the mess we have an administration that has not said or done one thing positive for our environment. Nor have they addressed any of the scientifically proven issues regarding climate changes or warming.

Maybe our education systems should be teaching how to grow potatoes and make change without a smartphone as well as new technologies and contrived necessities.

A balance among profits, convenience and sustainability is needed now more than ever. Learning to live comfortably with a little less could reap benefits now and for future generations.

Though the Earth has places of extreme inhospitality, it also has places of such wonder, beauty and livability that to feel anything but stewardship and appreciation escapes me.

Please, let’s take better care of our home and clean up after ourselves.

By the way, would someone please tell the President that building golf courses and rounds of golf are not nature walks or an appreciation thereof.

Makes one wonder if they still believe it’s OK to wear hats lined with lead.

Louis Stuckey


Dallas pool benefits all in region

In response to the proposal to shut down the Dallas Aquatic Center to fund the Police and Fire/EMS I say are you crazy?

The Dallas Aquatic Center is the most valuable resource for residents of Dallas and Polk County that we have.

It is used heavily and is a benefit to all, especially for those who can’t exercise safely any other way.

$4.85 per month is the amount of the proposed surcharge on the water bill to fund these valuable services. Starting in September, I am including an extra $4.85 per month on my water bill to help fund the Dallas Police Department and Fire/EMS services. Join me.

Ann Hurd


Mainstream media does not prize truth

Quote from Benjamin Franklin: “A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

The I-O’s opinion concerning the freedom of the press smacks of ignorance. The mainstream media first of all has not been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given all of us as American citizens.

We are not being given the truth, as real truth and I am truly thankful that President Trump has the courage to say so.

He does overstep his bounds on occasion, but I would trust him to give us more truth than you who joined the 350 others to protest him in particular.

Thank you.

June Stout


Pierce’s stance vague, undefined

Predictably, Selma Pierce’s District 20 run has turned negative. We need stronger moral leadership than she’s now demonstrated.

Leaders hold clear positions on the issues.

Ms. Pierce’s beliefs remain vague and undefined, most notably, on Measure 105. Either her views don’t reflect Oregon voters, or she lacks conviction entirely; leaving her campaign an empty grab for personal influence.

Ms. Pierce must demonstrate her character by taking firm, transparent stances on the issues concerning voters, and leave negative ads to those only interested in tribal politics.

This is her chance to do the right thing. I hope she takes it.

Nathan Meyer


Re-elect experience, Evans

The election for House District 20 presents a stark contrast between the two candidates. One, while well-meaning, has no government or political experience whatsoever. None.

The other, Paul Evans, has literally spent his life as a public servant, first as a city council member, then as a mayor, an advisor to former Gov. Kulongoski, and now as the representative for HD 20 since 2014.

Policy making is complex. We all want the most experienced person advocating the issues we prioritize, including good schools, family wage jobs, a clean environment, and sensible gun laws.

Elect experience. Elect Paul Evans.

Shannon Cockayne


Evans strikes balance in capitol The world is a complex place. Even Oregon is complicated.

I don’t want a well-meaning, inexperienced person in the legislature; I want Paul Evans.

Paul has served Oregon with distinction since his election to the legislature in 2014.

Paul’s experience in the state started early and includes service as mayor, city councilor, and advisor to Gov. Kulongoski.

Paul understands the delicate balances one must strike when governing.

He has established meaningful connections with public and private partnerships and has the ability to accomplish goals. Paul is the type of person I want representing me — he is my voice in Salem.

Roberta Cade


Evans cares about vets, education

Paul Evans has done a great job in our state legislature.

One of his greatest accomplishments is his work on behalf of veterans.

I know Paul cares about vets, because I’ve seen him in action. He is a vet. He knows vets.

He worked hard to ensure the passage of Measure 96, which helps allocate lottery funds to veterans’ services and outreach.

A quality education is the most important thing a government can provide its citizens, including veterans and their families.

Paul knows this and supports enhanced funding for K-12.

We need somebody with Paul’s skill and experience representing us.

Becky Beaman

Colonel, USAF

(Ret) Salem

Evans supports smart gun laws

Thanks to Rep. Paul Evans, because he works to make Polk County and Oregon safer. He was instrumental in passing legislation closing loopholes in laws allowing unmarried partners and stalkers to buy firearms.

He also helped increase funding for Oregon State Police background checks.

Gun control is a hot-button issue. It is clear from his actions and statements that Paul believes in reasonable and rational gun legislation that doesn’t infringe on recreational use, but keeps guns out of the hands of the most dangerous who can hurt the most vulnerable. As a firearms owner, I proudly support Paul Evans’ efforts.

Kathy Martin-Willis


Evans serves vets at state level

I have friends and relatives who are veterans. For years, veterans have been ignored and relegated to the end of the list of priorities. That all changed when Paul Evans was elected to office.

As a state representative, he made veterans’ issues a priority. He regularly holds hearings and meets with individuals to determine what the veterans’ needs are. I was very impressed with his tireless work in getting Ballot Measure 96 passed.

That initiative mandates that a portion of lottery funds be allocated to veterans’ outreach and services. Clearly Paul is a champion of vets. We should re-elect him.

James Tygart


Forgive the handwriting, hear the message

By now, a couple hundred of you have received a postcard from me asking that you support Danny Jaffer in his race for Oregon House District 23 seat. You may have thought “Why is this message so hard to read.” Now, you’ll know.

My handwriting is, and always has been very bad. I now have arthritis in both hands. If you haven’t heard, I am pretty old.

To make it easier, remember who I am writing about and vote for real representation for a change. In my next life, I will practice my cursive writing more. Thanks for your patience.

Fred Brown


Aquatic center a valuable resource

The aquatic center is on the discussion block again. Seems that the center of health that resides here in Dallas could be a million-dollar vacancy.

I have no information on just how many people it has assisted in their health, or just for a family sharing time “in the pool.” Can’t forget the Blue Dolphins who, besides train in the pool, also host swim meets that bring swim teams from around the state of Oregon to share the beautiful facility.

I wonder if any discussion could be made as to how to make the aquatic center more profitable? Rather than letting it go empty, enhance the offerings there. Use space available for other activities. I believe that the fee placed on the water bill is very necessary for both of our major emergency services organizations.

Somehow the funding of the aquatic center is as well a viable service center.

John Condon


Pool invaluable to support health

I am writing to support the Dallas Aquatic Center, as I am aware there are some who would like to close it.

I use the center about three times a week for medical therapeutic reasons, via prescription from my primary care physician. I use the spa and its pressure swirls for help with circulation and arthritis.

I perform a series of exercises in the therapy pool to help with injuries sustained in a near fatal auto accident many years ago (1980) and with issues of balance caused by fracture of the vestibule of my right inner ear.

At 78 years of age, there is no other comparable therapy available for me. Closing the Center would take away a major part of my health support system.

I know many other people in various stages of disability who use the DAC on a regular basis, and it is important to them as well.

While I am not as familiar with the uses of the DAC by recreational and school sports, I do witness regularly the use by parents of toddlers who are being introduced to immersion in water for the first time. They are being taught to paddle and swim, to eliminate potential fear of water. My wife fell into a well at age 4, nearly drowned, and has never had any exposure to or training around water. She is afraid and cannot enter any body of water. I wish her parents had taken her to an aquatic center to prevent her fear and to teach her how to enjoy water safely. The DAC is a great service to the community. It is critical to me and to many others as well. It is well-run, clean and a huge service to the community.

Randolph Osman

Falls City

Nice to see officers on bikes

I was pleasantly surprised last week, as I was preparing for a bike ride, by two Dallas police officers riding by on their bicycles. I have been a proponent of bike policing for years but hadn’t seen any here for a long time. Officers Collingham and Shields stopped to talk and explained that the program uses recently retired officers. I think this is a great use of taxpayer dollars, helping to build a closer relationship between police and citizens. I am willing to pay to support such initiatives. I’m also willing to support using taxes to support streets, parks, libraries and the aquatic center. If we want a decent place to live, we have to be willing to pay the price.

Dale Derouin


Dallas turf on home stretch

The Dallas Hight School Turf Project is on the home stretch.

Installation is set to begin on Wednesday (today). We invite you all to visit the field and see the turf being installed. This would not be possible without the generous support of so many individuals and businesses in our community. Thank you all for your part in this and please come celebrate the completion of this project on Oct. 5, at our first home football game.

We will continue to collect cans and bottles for BottleDrop on the last Saturday of each month at Les Schwab. DHS sports teams will be given the opportunity to volunteer on collection days and earn that money for their programs. We raised over $30,000 for the turf project, so let’s keep collecting for our athletes.

Mark your calendars for Sept. 29: You can bring your cans and bottles to Les Schwab, then head across the street for our Ford Drive 4UR School event. Ford Motor Corporation will donate $20 for each valid test drive, plus an additional $20 if you test drive a van on the same day.

A big thank you to Les Schwab of Dallas and Mid-Valley Ford for their continued support of the turf project and Dallas Booster Club.

Stephanie Earhart


Dallas Booster Club President

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