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Warm and Fuzzy a success

We would like to express our gratitude to all the wonderful folks who donated all the warm clothing to our Warm and Fuzzy clothing drive. As we go into our 27th year of collection, we know many people have benefited from the support and outpour of sweaters, hats, gloves, coats, and blankets.

Our special thanks to the staff at Star Lite Lanes Bowling Center in Dallas for allowing us to use their business as a drop site and also for allowing our granddaughter, Annie, a place to sell her ornaments to raise money for the food bank.

Deb Darr

Falls City

This reader voted President Trump

Who voted for Trump? I did, and would do it again.

As days go by and our president is in the news on a regular basis, yes, he had affairs before he became president, and I do not know that he paid off Stormy Daniels or others, and I do not care, as this all took place prior to him being elected.

We have past presidents who have done the same thing while in the office of president, and we have done nothing about it.

As far as the Mexicans voting for him that are U.S. citizens, how many are legal and in the country as such? As far as him wanting to build a wall, I believe it’s a good thing, only about 50 years too late. If he can do it, I would like to see him hold out and the Democrats get the money to finish it.

As far as military personnel voting for him, I am a three-year veteran of the Seabees who served under President Kennedy from 1961 through 1964. For the next 50 years, our VA has taken the medical end of the military down a road to some of the worst hospitals in the nation. I believe one in five men get helped out, but the rest of us go on a list that we can try to get help and care, but they never do nothing but send you more forms to fill out and, after a few years, you either die or give up. In my case, I gave up.

As far as the rest of his business, newspapers play their little game and he just laughs it off, as I do. Donald Trump is our president, and I like him.

Gary Remington


Time to get screened

The American Cancer Society has updated the age that people should consider testing for colorectal cancer. The age has been lowered from 50 to 45.

Recently, my family physician Dr. Mary Placek, of Independence, arranged for me to have a colonoscopy with Dr. Katherine Hoda, of Salem. Hoda performed that procedure and a large, cancerous polyp was found. I could not feel this at all, but it was there.

The polyp or mass was removed by Dr. Everett Mozell, of Salem, and luckily the cancer had not spread, so no further treatment is needed. If I had waited six months or more, that probably would not have been the case. Since that cancer was aggressive, the prognosis would have been dire.

Luckily, I had the colonoscopy when I did. I would urge everyone 45 or above to see their family physician about potential life-saving tests for colorectal cancer.

William Horner


Safety Grants should delay fee

If I’m not mistaken, a few months ago I read in this paper that my city utility bill would be increasing to pay for the hire of two new public service employees. Well, it wasn’t fake news, as soon as my bill arrived, it increased, as predicted.

Then recently there were two articles in an issue of this paper announcing the receipt of two grants:

Dallas Fire & EMS is due a three-year grant totaling $274,626 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Divided by the three years, this would equal $91,542 yearly.

A second grant from Spirit Mountain Community Fund adds a one-time $25,000 awarded to Dallas Fire Department.

Old-school math demonstrates that this first year would be working with a total of $116,542.

My conclusion is that this amount divided by two new employees would suffice for at least year one.

My question is: What is the likelihood of the utility increase being waived as the grant monies plus little from the city coffers are enough to cover the increase for the three years?

Are we apathetic to politics-as-usual? Does this seem like peanuts to our city fathers (apologies dad)?

Do they assume we don’t do math or can’t remember their names at election time?

I’m 70 years old and still working full time to maintain a simple lifestyle. My old-school math also tells me if all government hands were out of my pockets, I could retire some time before death.

Joetta Chrissakis


Would vote Trump again and again

A reader asked, “Who voted for Trump” after listing his reasons why no one should have voted for Trump. I will answer his question with my answer: I voted for Trump, and I would do it again and again.

Here is why: After eight years of economic stagnation under Obama, I had enough of his “no growth” policy. I also was tired of his employee tax that he came out with on Jan. 1, 2013. That tax took $300 a month out of my income. That resulted in me losing my grocery money. I saw how Obama gave criminal banks like Goldman Sachs billions of taxpayer money as bail-out money for banks too “big” to fail. Those banks should have failed.

Now, just last week in the news, an Indonesian businessman is suing Goldman Sachs for $11 billion that was stolen from them. Another reason for voting Trump was (the controversy surrounding Hillary and Bill Clinton during the Haiti earthquake recovery efforts).

Do you remember all the “foreclosure notices” in newspapers around 2009? I do. I remember all the homeless people, too. That was under Obama.

Trump is a “self-made” man and could fund his own campaign.

Don’t forget Bill Clinton gave China our rocket technology.

I hope Trump stops corruption, puts up a border wall to keep out terrorists, MS013 and criminals out, and makes our economy grow. I think all Americans want that.

Richard Davenport


Community gathers for ‘Cheer’

Thank you from Dallas Christmas Cheer. Our goal every year is to help families in need in our area to have a Merry Christmas by providing them the comfort that they won’t be hungry.

This year we served over 320 families and senior citizens. We can say with pure joy that all were provided for very generously.

Our goal was met because of your commitment to make this “your priority” for the Christmas season. Local businesses, schools, civic groups, churches, government agencies, and individuals young to old stepped up and came together not just on Christmas Eve morning but months prior to the event.

On Christmas Eve morning, without prompting, over 400 volunteers arrived at LaCreole Middle School to sort, shop, pack and deliver the holiday food boxes that filled receiving families refrigerators and cupboards.

It was a morning full of fun and excitement to see the hands and feet of our community come together to provide to those in need.

The Dallas Christmas Cheer Board of Directors know that without you taking ownership for this program, nothing gets accomplished. Our hope is that you understand how grateful we are of your hard work and support.

Your acts of kindness will be remembered throughout the New Year.

To all the donors and volunteers, again we say, thank you, and look forward to seeing you next year.

Warren and Sue Lamb

and Board Directors

Dallas Christmas Cheer

Position does not equal respect

Amazingly, some believe that persons should be respected because of an exalted position they hold. Being Army for most of my life, I have considerable respect for the enlisted persons and officers of our military forces. When I encounter one of these folks, I respect them until they show me they do not deserve it. For example, a general officer takes his young military aide for a ski trip in a military aircraft. That general is a dirt-bag.

The same in politics. I have long respected various senators and representatives. Wayne Morse, Mark Hatfield and Jeff Merkely come to mind. I deeply respect Michelle and Barack Obama, even though Barack was a weaker-than-needed president. These people’s actions and demeanor reflect well on them, their positions and us.

In contrast, I am supposed to respect Trump because he is president.

The bad news is that the respect due to the office does not necessarily flow to the occupant. Trump is on video proclaiming that he can get away with grabbing women by the privates. He is a serial adulterer.

He cheats his suppliers by stiffing them of payments and uses staff attorneys to intimidate those who go to court. He belittles and badly insults anyone who does not meet his imaginary standards of greatness. If he is not mentally unbalanced, then he is a scoundrel of the absolute first order. I cannot respect that. No one should.

Fred Brown


Grateful to not get Minet

Reading about yet more woes of Minet makes me really glad that my address only says Independence and that I actually live in Buena Vista — I’d hate to be stuck paying the monthly bill to support the always ailing yet Monmouth-Independence city supported Minet. This last article made them sound exceedingly whiny, and I’m glad because of geography we’re limited to commercially available broadband service — which we’ve had for 10 years at reasonable rates and excellent service — except for the time the former owners forgot to refill the backup generator fuel tank, and after four days it ran out before the local power had been restored.

Et last we heard, Minet was proposing to use other people’s money to build and operate a new network in Dallas; though not sure anything has come of that — have seen no reports since prior to the community meeting in Dallas to give the go-ahead on that project, so maybe the people of Dallas got smart and kept Minet out — though the whole description of that project sounded liked someone badly needed a huge loss for tax purposes.

Dave Bard

Buena Vista

Jackson’s Boxes a success

We would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who chose to support Jackson’s Boxes — Christmas Care Packages for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital — this season by donating items and funds, sponsoring entire boxes, and opening their businesses to be a drop box location within the Polk County Community.

Special thanks to: Independence Public Library, Monmouth Fitness Club, Trinity Lutheran Church, Dallas, Van Well Building Supply, and World’s Gym, Dallas.

This is the 16th year we have taken these precious boxes to the hospital to bring the comforts of home for those families unable to leave for Christmas; and this year was the best year yet. Thanks to the generosity of this community, we were able to supply 21 boxes — one for every family there. Plus additional supplies.

Blessings to all of you for a happy and healthy 2019.

Tiffany Bouchard (Monmouth)

& Christy Hiebert (Dallas)

on behalf of the Friends & Family of Jackson’s Boxes

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