Merry-go-round continues in Washington

The White House Merry-go-Round continues to go around and around and goes nowhere. Thirteen federal agencies voice concerns about global warming and Trump states, “it could go back.” When the cold snap hit the East Coast, his statement is, “what happened to global warming?” And we are now one the few countries that does not belong to the France Global Warming Alliance. Per Republican Sen. Mo Brooks of Alabama, sea levels are rising due to “rocks from the Cliffs of Dover are falling into the ocean and filling it.” (I think the Senate is in trouble with thinking like that.) Thousands of troops are at the border and have Trump’s authority to use “lethal force.” On 9/17 the Secretary of State announced a reduction in refugees from 45,000 to 30,000. No more huddled masses.

Education Sec. DeVos loses lawsuit that accused her of delaying Obama era protections to shield students from predatory loan practices.

In July 2017, Trump said he’d meet with Special Investigator Mueller, now says no.

Trump wanted Hilary jailed for using private email account but it seems to be OK that his daughter does.

Even Chief Justice John Roberts has tried to reel Trump in saying, “there are no Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges.”

Around and around it goes.

Clifford Brown


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