Save the courthouse

A yes vote on Bond Measure 27-127 will help maintain the integrity of our Historic Courthouse square. For an owner of a house valued at $250,000, the bond will cost approximately $25/year, which is a small price to pay to preserve the centerpiece of Polk County.

This bond will address safety, ADA accommodations, upgrades/replacement of critical components (elevators, HVAC, emergency generator, Annex roof, window replacement, etc.) and the restoration of the second-oldest working courthouse in Oregon.

I ask you to please support Bond Measure 27-127 with a “yes” vote to “Save Your Courthouse.”

Jennifer Wheeler


Graphic too small, more info needed

We have been hearing about the Chinese not wanting our dirty plastic for some time now. It would have been nice to have published what Brandt’s will take. The little graphic from Garten was so small I couldn’t even read it with a magnifying glass. Maybe that would be a good follow up to the article about dirty plastics.

Chris Jensen


Dallas opens heart for homeless vet

Our amazing town of Dallas has adopted Sonny, a homeless vet.

He is a very kind man.

Many of you may have seen the Facebook post and responded to his needs of a new bike trailer.

Sonny asked me to tell Dallas residents thank you. He is so very grateful for all the donations.

The bike trailer was ordered new and donated anonymously. With the money collected, we were able to get Sonny flashlights, batteries, bungee cords, tent, sleeping bag, food, bike lock, toiletries.

Sonny is a very kind man; he cried several times while talking about his war days and because he’s overwhelmed with our generosity.

Dallas, Oregon, you rock.

Now I am asking if there are any residents that might allow him to pitch his tent in your pasture/acreage/yard — he is a hard worker and is happy to work in exchange for a place to pitch his tent. He does not drink or do drugs. He has quite the ministry and wants to be accepted. Sonny can usually be found at Walmart exit or the Safeway can area. Thank you Dallas residents.

Paula Genthner


Griffin-Campione for BOC

I am proud to write in support of Michele Griffin-Campione for Polk County Commission Seat No. 2.

She is a progressive thinker and leader. We should give her a chance to help lead Polk County into the future.

She is knowledgeable and cares about rural communities, agriculture, education, the environment, economic development, parks, infrastructure and our most vulnerable community members: seniors, children and those with mental health issues. Let’s get some fresh ideas on our county commission.

Read some of her ideas in the April 18 I-O.

Please join me in voting for Michele Griffin-Campione for Polk County Commission Seat No. 2.

Joe Koubek


More info needed for recycling

I am incredibly sad that the populace of “green” Oregon were unable to responsibly comply with the admittedly confusing rules of proper recycling. With a little effort, we should all have been able to figure things out. I appreciate the article (I-O April 18) regarding Brandt’s Sanitary Services (sort of) clarifying things for us, but here’s the problem.

In one part of the article, Mr. Brandt indicates “haulers are focusing on No. 1 and No. 2 plastics,” but later says he “hopes to resume accepting plastics labeled No. 1 through No. 7 again.”

Which is it? Additionally, the graphic apparently included to assist us is unreadable, even with a magnifying glass. Help!

I managed to learn a long time ago the difference between recycling and garbage. Could co-mingling be the problem?

Please people, help us save our planet.

Lynne Bowen


Vote yes to save courthouse

Our beautiful, historic County Courthouse — the second oldest in Oregon — is a great treasure. However, even a casual glance reveals it to be in alarming need of repair.

There is a reasonable measure on the May ballot aimed at its revival. At a small cost relative to building new, we can rescue this magnificent building and pass it on to our next generation.

Your Polk County Commissioners are careful stewards of your tax dollars. They will doubtless exercise laudable discipline administering this bond and will produce excellent results.

Invest in the future of our past. Vote Yes.

Brian Dalton


Ainsworth will improve livability

Mike Ainsworth is a proven and highly qualified leader to continue improving the livability in Polk County. Mike has over four decades of serving the citizens in the local area. His current experience as a Polk County Commissioner provides additional evidence on managing the unlimited wants of the citizens with limited resources.

Mike’s blue-collar lifestyle exemplifies the heart and soul of the historical makeup of Polk County. Mike Ainsworth’s honesty, integrity, truthfulness, respect for all and unmatched passion for creating a better life for the local citizens makes him the best candidate for Polk County Commissioner.

Shane Hedrick


Martin-Willis has right skills

Kathy Martin-Willis is an excellent choice for Polk County Commissioner. I have known her for years and can attest to her commitment to the local community and Polk County. She is frequently involved in projects that help the people of this region. Her desire to improve the transparency of the position is exactly what this area needs. Having worked with Kathy on a couple of projects, I know she is extremely accessible and easy to talk to. These skills will be most welcome in a county commissioner. Kathy Martin-Willis will be an excellent commissioner. She has my vote.

Molly Mayhead


Yes to renew Polk Fire No. 1 levy

Vote Yes on Ballot Measure 27-128.

This levy will not increase taxes, but will increase services provided.

If passed, Polk County Fire District will be able to hire an additional full-time firefighter/paramedic to help serve the communities’ increasing call volume. Additionally, the organization will be able to hire a part-time fire marshal to fill the void left from laying off the full-time fire marshal in 2012. Measure 27-128 will renew the current levy of 19 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. Please support your firefighters so they can better serve you.

Thank you for your support.

Chad Paoli


Friends of Polk Fire

Is recycling worth the trouble?

Thank you so much for the article on recycling. I have been very confused about what I can and cannot recycle. This topic is very important and informational, and clears up many of my questions.

But, now, I am faced with a new troubling question. I am now asking myself, “Why bother?” Most of what I have been bringing in appears to be merely garbage, and I have been clogging up the system. In addition, I live outside of town, and we drive our “recyclables” five miles. So ...aside of metals and paper, is it worth my efforts?

Lori Brannigan


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