Nearman exhibits racism

Oregonians for Immigration Reform is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Mike Nearman, who is a member of the Oregon House of Representatives in District 23, is on the board of directors of Oregonians for Immigration Reform. The racism exhibited by Nearman is not acceptable for one of our public officials. The Oregon House of Representatives should censure Nearman for his racism.

Although, it is unlikely he will be re-elected this November for the next session in 2019. I certainly am not voting for Nearman.

Ricardo Small


Love family grateful for outreach

To our local community of Monmouth and Independence:

Or family was recently devastated by the sudden and tragic loss of our son, grandson, nephew and cousin, Evan Douglas Love.

During this difficult time, the community rallied around our family helping us in so many ways; a GoFundMe page was set up to help with the medical and memorial costs, two fundraisers were held by some incredible kids who went to school with Evan, people of all kinds left messages of support and love on social media, Evan’s classmates provided his mother with a beautiful care package, and a seemingly endless supply of meals were brought to our house.

We don’t know many of these wonderful people personally, so we are unable to reach out to them individually to thank them, so we want to publicly tell everyone “Thank you.” Thank you for your help, your support, the love and concern you have shown our family — it has made such a huge impact on our family during our time of loss. We will never forget the love and concern you all have shown us, or how much our sweet Evan meant to all of you.

With love and thanks,

The Love and Ryan Family

Indy, Monmouth leaders forward-thinking

I live in Salem, and have visited Monmouth and Independence for Rotary, movies, meals, and certainly, the Independence Day parade. This past year I’ve had more opportunities to visit, and have grown to love the area. These towns are a wonderful balance of small town neighborliness with smart planning — such as Minet and Indy Commons. Activities include residents and welcome visitors, from the “Ghost Walk” to the “Hop and Heritage” party and more. Thank you to your visionary leaders for helping this area grow in a welcoming and forward-thinking way that doesn’t lose sight of tradition and community.

Deb Patterson


Garus grateful for Dallas

Thank You Dallas, it was truly an honor and privilege to serve our amazing community. Recently I fulfilled one of my life dreams, my wife and I purchased a small farm outside the city limits. I am no longer a Dallas resident; therefore, I cannot represent you on city council. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my time on council, getting to know and working closely with the public has definitely been the highlight of my experience. I am proud of the work we accomplished together. I’m optimistic Dallas has a bright future. Under the current administrations’ leadership, and the fantastic staff we have in every department, I anticipate great achievements. I have a passion to continue serving our community, I hope to have an opportunity to represent you all again sometime in the near future. Thank you all for being.

Micky Garus


Evans serves with merit

I am voting for Paul Evans to retain his seat as our Oregon State Representative for District 20. Paul served his country with distinction in the military. He continues to serve with outstanding merit in the Oregon State Legislature. Paul Evans had demonstrated the type of leadership we so surely need. I am proud that Paul Evans has chosen to run a positive campaign, and this factor alone would have garnered my vote for Paul Evans. I applaud his leadership, his high standards, and his dedication to District 20, to Oregon, and to this country.

Marilyn Morton


Jaffer is clear choice

Born and raised in Polk County, Danny Jaffer is Luckimute Domestic Water Cooperative president with a background in the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force Reserve. He’s got a BS from OSU and J.D. from U of O Law School.

He now wants to represent us in State District 23, which includes a huge section of Polk County.

He’s a clear choice if you want affordable health care, investments in education, clean air and water protection, family-wage jobs, campaign finance and election reform.

He promises monthly town halls to get input from us. What a great change.

Carol Infranca


Evans easy to find in community

As a divorced mom who values all families, who sometimes struggles, worries about her neighbors and services they may need but aren’t getting, and cares deeply about education, I am voting for Paul Evans because I know where to find him.

At the grocery store, I may run into Paul, in the aisle listening to concerns. At a local event, Paul will be there, ready to listen. Paul Evans is part of this community, cares about this community, and will do what he can to strategically plan to improve lives for everyone. I’ve never seen Selma Pierce in my community.

Natascha Cronin


Kreft brings experience, energy to council

Tawnya Kreft brings needed expertise to the Dallas City Council. She is a successful grant writer, technical writer, and a published co-author.

With her talent and energy, she will work diligently for the community keeping Dallas a great place to live.

William Harrod


Shein shares passion for Dallas

I have known David Shein for many years, and through those years, David has shown a love and passion for the city of Dallas and its operations.

Rather than being satisfied in maintaining the status quo, David has new ideas for possible positive changes while still maintaining the small-town quality of life that we all love.

I am voting for David Shein for city council, and I hope that you will, too.

Don Thompson


Evans committed to service

I urge everyone to please vote for Paul Evans for re-election in House District 20. I have known Paul since the 1980s and greatly respect his lifelong commitment to public service.

Paul’s community service has extended from Central High School and Polk County Fire District all the way through Monmouth government, the U.S. military and the Oregon House of Representatives.

Rep. Evans always communicates extremely well with community members and diverse groups, and his grassroots campaign relies on local support rather than high-roller PAC money.

These are just a few reasons for people to return their ballots supporting Paul Evans.

Michael Cairns


Campaign reflects poorly on Pierce

An organization mailed out a disgraceful campaign piece denigrating Rep. Paul Evans.

Selma Pierce was probably aware of this, even though the mailing was done in an organization’s name, and it brands her with its nasty approach.

Evans is honorable and served his country and community in many ways. He works to serve his constituents and has earned the respect of people in his district and beyond. He is a good representative and a good person, a person to be admired.

What we do is what we are, and Selma Pierce will only earn disrespect if this nasty campaigning continues.

John Schoon


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