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Democrats: It’s what you voted for

Oregon has elected a “super majority’ legislature. Most don’t know what that means.

The Democrat super majority elects leaders for each body, the Senate and House. The Senate President and House Speaker in turn appoint all the committee chairpersons. Those chairpersons have the sole decision on whether proposed legislation, introduced bills, will get a committee hearing. Those bills that don’t get a committee hearing have zero chance of being passed.

So Republicans can’t even throw legislative bombs from the “back bench.” They are powerless and meaningless. Oregon has elected a politburo to run state government and dole out money to whom they can and want to. And they can raise taxes, which only the governor can veto, and the legislature has a veto proof majority as well.

The governor hires or appoints all the members of the mandated state agencies and boards, commissions, having sole control of who might work for the state.

Now tell me how this is different from China, Russia, or Venezuela.

Remember this when your taxes are raised, your fees and licenses go up in price. It’s what you voted for.

John Thomas Jr.


Avoidance results in totaled Jeep

Just want to say thank you to the people that stopped to help me at my Highway 22 roadside auto accident on the morning of Nov. 6.

I appreciate your help and confirmation that I actually did see a large black dually, crew cab truck, sideways in my lane during that foggy morning. As some of you noticed, I swerved and missed the truck by millimeters but couldn’t correct from my slide and rolled into the north ditch totaling my Jeep.

I suppose I could have broadsided the truck, midsection, as some suggested, but I’ve been broadsided in the past with a child in the vehicle and made a choice to attempt avoidance — and it was successful.

I wish all of you Happy Holidays, including the truck driver that didn’t stay at the scene.

I case some of you are wondering, the insurance company denied any phantom vehicle claim because I didn’t make contact with the truck.

Sad that avoidance with witnesses is not worthy of coverage.

Nathan Darnall


Non-related fees hit water bill

Well I guess the city slapped the first of probably more fees on the water bill, that has nothing to do with our water bill. What fee will be next? Probably will want more money to update the water treatment plant with all the building being done?

Ferrell True


Toastmasters seeks members

Would you like to grow your confidence? Develop your public speaking ability? Or, would better leadership skills help you get promotions? If so, come check out Dallas Toastmasters! Toastmasters offers something for everyone. Join us and learn how to better communicate and lead in your current spheres of influence, giving you confidence along the way.

At each meeting, members and guests gain new skills including communication, innovative planning, leadership, public speaking, and team building. Furthermore, each night we hear diverse voices and perspectives, have the chance to offer thoughtful feedback to our speakers, and grow in relationships within our community. Our Tuesday night hour includes longer speeches by members, member evaluations, and impromptu speeches by both members and guests. However, no guest will ever be put on the spot to speak unless they wish.

We meet every Tuesday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Dallas Alliance Church (on the corner of Ellendale and LaCreole). Come check us out!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our educational, engaging, fun, informative, and interesting meetings! More information regarding Toastmasters can also be found at: https://www.toastmasters.org/

Kim Conolly


Turkeys pestering Dallas residents

We are so over the idea of us all having to deal with turkeys on our street. There has got to be at least 50 ,and then this spring the hens will have their poults adding to the amount. That will probably be another 25 birds.

This is becoming a real pest ,we are hoping something can be done about this mess. Please help.

Bev Huber


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