New burger place welcome

I would like to say that Carl’s Jr, is a welcomed addition to our community.

For the people out there who complain that there are too many burgers joints in town need to realize that there is only one affordable place to get a Burger and Fries and that is at McDonald’s.

Burgerville is great, but let’s be honest, who wants to pay approximately $15 for an average burger when you can get the same quality at Carl’s Jr. for half the cost. Also why pay the price at Burgerville when you have Rookies where you can get a much better burger and fries then at Burgerville.

This lot has been vacant over 20-some years. Lets be thankful that a business has come in to develop it.

Those who would like to see Taco Bell come back need to realize that it failed for a reason. That reason being was that it was drive-thru only with a limited menu. The Taco Bells that had this similar set up also failed in other small cites for the same reason.

So instead of hating this business for being another burger place in an area where we have pizza, burgers, and Mexican food. Let’s support this business and welcome them here.

Side note: it’s one more place that is willing to hire.

Jimmy Christensen


‘Kindness’ grows in district

As we approach the end of our second year, we wanted to give a huge thank you to our community. The Kindness Club began filling weekly backpacks for 11 students in January 2017. Today we are assisting 98 students in the Dallas School District with weekend food, personal items and clothing.

Here are a few great things happening. A local church contributed 30 Thanksgiving baskets, a girl scout troop made 50 cookie kits, several people have knitted and crocheted hats and scarfs, LaCreole students had a clothing drive and Whitworth kids raised $560.76 in a penny war, and so much more.

There are so many names to mention, whether you contribute financially, with food, clothing, or your time, thank you.

If you would like more information about the Kindness Club, check out our Facebook page, “The Kindness Club, Dallas Oregon,” or email

Debbie McCleery


County asks for more money

“Please, Sir, I want some more,” said Oliver Twist and the Polk County Board of Commissioners. This story started with an article in the I-O on Nov. 21 about public hearings to consider a five-year levy at 42.5 cents per $1,000 assessed value.

On Dec. 12, I read an article entitled, “Judge voices concern over court security.” This is the season for storytelling, isn’t it, Oliver?

The “Board of Commissioners has been asked to consider adding one more court security deputy either with levy funding, if approved, or through the annual budget process.” I vote that the Board take a look at its annual budget process before asking for another levy.

Judge Norm Hill acknowledged that “court security was part of the selling point for the (2015) levy.” Even with the prospect of more money, Hill stated in the article that “a more deliberate conversation about the apportionment of where the dollars go” is needed.

Commissioner Wheeler wanted to know if the county could ask for more money. All of this is not a commitment to fix a problem. What is the problem? If dangerous inmates can no longer be shackled, wouldn’t it be prudent to schedule their hearings at different times? Doesn’t the court know when deputies are more likely to be on duty? Don’t the departments talk to each other?

A new levy would ask only for 42.5 cents per $1,000 assessed value. The median price of a home in Polk County in 2016 was $283,753, so the average property owner would actually pay about $100 more in property taxes each year. Oh, yes, and Polk County is only one out of about 16 entities wanting a piece of your property tax pie. Can you hear them all saying, “more, more!”

Nannette Willis


President deserves respect

This is a letter in response to a letter to the Itemizer editor dated Dec. 5.

I really felt ashamed that the writer of this letter should call our elected president “Bozo.” It’s really awful when people out of hate should be so disrespectful. It’s really awful when people can be so ugly with their words, as well as their actions, namely the anti-Trump protesters have been so untempered and violent.

A question: If you were president, or a government official, especially the president who is holder of the biggest office in our nation, would you want to be called “Bozo”? Come on and give a little respect.

There are people who detest President Trump, but many don’t — I for one do not, and am glad he is our president — he is a very strong and good leader of our nation. He’s also wanting to keep our country safe and wanting to help our country.

Hilary put down capitalism in one of her speeches. Did you know that our country was founded on capitalism, not socialism, which destroys our freedoms.

Thank God for our Constitution and the government and judges who uphold it, even this president of ours — even if you hate him, and didn’t vote for him.

Hazel Henneman


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