Letters to the editor

McArdle unabashed cheerleader

As I drive around town, it strikes me how many yards have a Vote for McArdle sign. Pretty sure it is because he has been good for Independence. His caring is obvious to those who have lived here for a while. You can walk up to him on the street or in the grocery store and ask a question or advise him of a problem you see, and he will listen, and find a way to help if he can. He is a neighbor, friend and unabashed cheerleader for our city. We are lucky to have him. Vote for John.

Sue Barker


McArdle means positive change

It was my good fortune that I was able to serve with John McArdle during my 16 years as an Independence city councilor. I know that he successfully gets as many members of the community as involved as possible to bring about positive change. It’s his vision and drive that’s created the image around the state of Oregon that Independence is a small town that can get things done. And is getting it done.

His leadership and positive attitude has made so many good things happen in our community — I would like to see that energy and enthusiasm continue.

Nancy Lodge


Thanks, Dallas, for Dragons field

On behalf of the Dallas Booster Club, I want to thank you, the people of Dallas, for all you have done to help us complete the Dallas High School Turf Project. In less than a year, you helped us raise a huge amount of money and in-kind donations; we can’t thank you enough for coming together to accomplish this goal.

Since the installation was completed (one week early and under budget) the usage has been steady. We invite you to come and watch the Dragons, as well as kids of all ages, compete and perform on the field.

Congratulations, Dallas, and enjoy your new field!

Stephanie Earhart

President, Dallas Booster Club


Elect Buehler, Pierce

Kate Brown and Paul Evans don’t deserve another four years of poor performance, leading Oregon into increasing mediocracy.

Oregon will do better with Knute Buehler and Selma Pierce voted into office.

Paul Sieber


Invest in future with Koontz

There’s a clear choice for Monmouth mayor between a candidate with deep roots and years of service to our community and one that wants to start at the top. Cecelia Koontz has served on City Council as well as WOU’s Board of Trustees. Cec is the Director of Finance and Operations at Central School District and sits on the boards of Chamber of Commerce and M/I Community Foundation. She worked with small towns all over Oregon promoting community and economic development. Her opponent has called her “status quo.” Experience doesn’t equal status quo.

Invest in Monmouth’s future, elect Cec Koontz.

Steven Keller


Milligan asks for your vote

I am seeking re-election as a city councilor. I will bring years of local and regional experience in good governance, as you will see in the candidate profile. Monmouth has made a lot of great changes over the last 16 years; I look forward to keeping that trend going. Monmouth needs councilors that understand the whole organization. I understand the council works as a team and is responsible for managing tax revenues, keeping full service operations, and keeping a good working environment for the employees.

I ask for your vote Nov. 6.

Steve Milligan


Shein’s passion for Dallas shines

We would like to take this opportunity to endorse David Shein for Dallas City Council. He is uniquely qualified to serve as a counselor because of his involvement in city committees. He has served on the charter, budget, and utility rate committees. He currently serves on the Urban Renewal Committee and on the Planning Commission.

David is passionate about our city and its future. He listens to concerns and looks for practical ways to solve them. We recommend a vote for David Shein for Dallas City Council.

Charlotte and Paul Trahan


Jaffer will lead Oregon

I’m voting for Danny Jaffer to represent House District 23 in the Oregon Legislature. We need a representative who represents all the people in the district, and Danny is that person. He is deeply rooted in rural Oregon, and has the education and experience to lead, not just hold a seat. I have always found Danny willing to listen and work to find common ground between competing views, a skill in short supply in our legislature. We have some tough issues facing our state. Vote for Danny Jaffer to move Oregon Forward.

Dale Derouin


Shein for prosperity, quality of life

David Shein best represents our community.

I can highly recommend David Shein for city council. I have known David both on a personal and professional level. Having served with him on a board committee project, he was always prepared, listened, provided workable options, and demonstrated a passion for Dallas by having a forward focus. He has the ability to work closely with others, working through obstacles to provide the best solutions. He has volunteered and served on numerous boards and committees over the years, and wants to ensure Dallas’ future prosperity and quality of life. Please vote for David Shein.

Liz Garrow


Forum shows Shein wants solutions

The candidate forum that the Dallas Area Chamber organized last week was helpful and appreciated. I was pleased with the thought and candor of all candidates, and particularly swayed by David Shein, who seeks practical, creative and transparent solutions that set up our community well into the future. It seems obvious that he wants a healthy community for all citizens and is willing to objectively and carefully think about solutions instead of adhering to an absolute dogma that plagues modern politics.

Thank you to all the candidates for allowing us the opportunity to responsibly vote in our upcoming election.

Mitch Ratzlaff


Leaders give examples of support

Local leaders gave a nod recently to ADA requirements. When asked about opportunities for recreation, especially for those with disabilities, two candidates revealed what a ‘nod’ sounds like: Mr. Carey and Mr. Milligan noted some park equipment and the upgraded skate park.

Stephen Howard offered a better answer: Sidewalks provide low-impact recreation for those with disabilities. Roxanne Beltz noted her support for the “trolley” which would connect our communities and be ADA compliant. Cec Koontz said that schools are available to the community and are already ADA compliant.

We need politicians who support those with disabilities. These three do.

Donna Schmidt


Candidate finds forum enlightening

I would like to extend a “thank you” to JD Shinn and the DACC for hosting the Candidate’s Forum last week, Jim Williams for moderating, and the others who put together this important and well-attended event.

I do appreciate that although my opponents chose not to attend, I was allowed time to address those who were there to hear from candidates.

And I sincerely appreciate the time that the six city council candidate0s took to answer questions of importance to the community. It was very enlightening to hear your thoughts regarding the lovely City of Dallas. Well done.

Danny Jaffer


McArdle has led community

With teamwork, Mayor McArdle has led Independence to be a flourishing community.

Growing up in Independence, from the late ’70s until the mid-’90s was a stark contrast from the present-day bustle of downtown and Independence Waterfront Park.

I now come back and visit and enjoy the downtown in a different, refreshing way. The change spurred a simple revolution of community; something for everyone. There are people on the streets enjoying a truly charming part of Oregon History. I see Independence celebrating and embracing a diverse community. Thank you, Mayor McArdle, for being part of this change.

Nathan Burks


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