No more taxes for parks

The Dallas community should not have to pay any kind of a Tax or Fee for parks and rec. Parks has been funded by the general fund in the past. Another way for the city to get more money in their pocket! Taxes and fees is all they talk about? What about following past codes as seeing our city clean free from all the weeds blowing around because the city will not enforce the codes they implemented! What a change in management from years past. Lets hope the tax payer doesn’t get stuck with this proposal from the city!

F. True


Vaccines are the best solution

I read Dale Derouin’s letter in the I-O. I agreed with his opinion. It was followed by a letter from Bruce McGillivray’s letter.

I have a question. Why is it against the law to maim and kill people but not against the law do the same without a vaccination? I don’t consider that a freedom.

School in Oregon require diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, varicella, (chicken pox), measles, mumps and rubella. It was a tremendous relief and privilege to know we were protecting our children from these diseases.

Our doctors suggest we adults over 65 have flu shots. Every year we have vaccines for flu, Pneumovax 23, Prevnar 13, tetanus, diphtheria,and pertussis.

When my husband joined the Marine Corps and was headed for the Korean Conflict, he was required to have over 50 vaccines and shots. George Washington vaccinated his entire army.

There might be a very small number of people who have a reaction, but the percentage is so small it is barely worth mentioning. The alternative is very grim.

One of the unbelievable parts of this is it has become political. When did we quite believing our health experts and start believing politicians and social media?

Vaccines are our best bet.

Marcel Posey


Kevin’s Daily Bread a Dallas gem

On Sept. 3, I had lunch at Kevin’s Daily Bread on the corner of Main and Court (in Dallas). I ordered spaghetti and meatballs, and it was the best I have ever had.

I’ve had the world-famous Bologna sauce in Bologna, Italy, and I told Kevin that his sauce was 10 times better.

Kevin’s Daily Bread is a very nice addition to downtown Dallas.

John Schoon

West Salem

Ambulance service questions need answers

In the two years I have been attending Southwest Polk Fire board meetings, I have not seen so much public attendance. The board of SW Polk proposes to run an ambulance to improve service and revenue. The problem is that running an ambulance costs more money than it brings in. Reimbursement has not kept up increasing costs and has instead decreased. For this reason more departments are turning over EMS services to private ambulance companies.

Private ambulance companies control their costs better than government does, plus they don’t have taxpayers to bail them out when they overspend.

SW Polk doesn’t have an ambulance service area (ASA) assigned to them where they can legally operate an ambulance. If their ambulance is granted an operating license it must still be invited to respond to a call in someone else’s ASA. This rule guarantees someone will show up when you call 911. In 41 years of five service involvement, I have never heard of it happening.

In 2019-20 SW Polk started operating a Sheridan ambulance out of the Rickreall station. It responded to Sheridan calls they got the revenue. But SW Polk taxpayers paid the crew $400,000 or more in salaries. We were told their contract employees would provide daytime fire service out of the Rickreall station, but instead they run Sheridan medical calls. If SW Polk operates their own ambulance, they will need another four employees, plus associated costs. So far only $800,000 or more, SW Polk can have their own ambulance that can respond by invitation only to calls. The SW Polk board is planning to ask taxpayers for a levy to fund this on top of bond payments. Before voting yes, ask questions and hold the SW Polk board accountable for how they are spending your tax dollars.

Patty Brooks


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