DAC has support from ‘Friends’

Friends of the Dallas Aquatic Center is a nonprofit corporation formed in 2018 to support the Dallas Aquatic Center’s programs and operations. To date, our donors and business banners have raised over $60,000.

Monies raised are put in a trust fund with the City of Dallas and used as needs arise to replace and purchase needed equipment so there is barely an interruption in services. FDAC has purchased and installed a new rope swing, swimsuit spinner, replacement parts for the play fountain, spa and therapy pool, a new computer system to monitor temperatures in all five pools, concessions for snack bar, and continues to purchase new pool equipment used by everyone.

There is a donor board at the pool with names of those who have donated amounts from $50 to $5000.

The “In Memoriam” board honors those who have passed away and is a good way to contribute to the pool to honor a loved one or friend. The names on the memorial board at this time are:

Jason Locke, Paul Mannen, Jim Fairchild, Rose Eudy, Carol Busby, Elaine Thomas, Bob Wilson, Pally Mann, Gloria Hunter, and Paul Brady.

Memorial contributions can be mailed to the FDAC, at PO BOX 785, Dallas, OR 97338 or dropped off at the Dallas Aquatic Center front desk.

Thank you for your continuous support of the Dallas

Ann Hurd

President, Friends of the Dallas Aquatic Center

Freedom with consequences

Isn’t it ironic?

Fellow citizens opposed to being vaccinated for COVID 19 crow that it’s a matter of freedom, that no one has the “right” to make decisions for them. Yet by refusing to follow medical advice, their actions impose a limitation on the freedoms of the rest of the people around them. Masks, shot mandates, business closures, schools openings, employment, are all dependent on how we, together, respond to the pandemic.

We, the vaccinated, are being limited to choices we can make, including our access to medical care as beds in hospitals fill up with unvaccinated sick people.

Perhaps it would be helpful to recall that the former President and his supporters, including Fox News, shifted the conversation around COVID 19 from a public health emergency to prepare for to a partisan political gambit to cover up for the lack of planning they did not do for the coming pandemic.

But in the end, COVID-19 has the last word. It infects, damages, destroys, anyone it can reach no matter how much you would wish it not to. As the number of vaccinated citizens continue to rise, the unvaccinated ride on the backs of those vaccinated as their chances of being infected fall.

Freedom for yourself by limiting freedom of others? That’s not the American Way.

Diane McBurnett


Learn courtesy, flag etiquette

It amazes me how rude people are when it comes to cell phones. Time after time people at restaurants and the parents are totally ignoring the kids because they’re too busy on their phones. Recently while having breakfast a woman told the hostess she was meeting her mother for break-fast. Ten minutes after ‘mom’ arrived, the daughter was texting. While working in the yard, a family went by where mom was keeping an eye on the 3 kids as dad walked ahead of everyone texting. Where has family time gone?

People seem to forget there is no excuse for being crude. A sign on the back of a pickup saying ‘F*** Kate Brown’ is inappropriate. People do not need to drop the ‘f word’ in every sentence they speak. Have respect and manners become a thing of the past?

Now the flags. Do these people driving around town with flags attached to their beefed up trucks know the rules for displaying flags? Do they know the flag is not to be out in the rain? Or that it needs to be lit 24 hours a day, so don’t leave it out in the dark. And when it starts shredding it needs to be ceremonially burned, not thrown away? If you’re so proud of the flag, learn the rules.

Why couldn’t the new Courthouse landscaping include the big old trees? Surely the roots could have been shaved or the hardscape changed. Taking that tree out is a total waste.

Cliff Brown


Laws don’t apply to government

The intentional burns at Basket Slough on September 23 once again proves that there are laws for us but not for the powerful government.

Dale Wilcke


Term limits needed for reps

With more than a $28 trillion-dollar deficit the Democrats in Congress want to add another $3 trillion to 5 trillion to what we already owe. The current deficit equates to over $86,000 every man, women and child will need to pay.

They suggest taxing the rich or big business but who really pays for these increased taxes? We do!

Oregon legislators decided to tax small business when they were the worst affected by COVID. I bought a small flatbed trailer and guess what was added to the price tag? Yes, Oregon’s new tax.

Let’s stop the lunacy. Whether Democrat or Republican let’s put them all on term limits, so they remember who they represent.

Larry Dalton


Downed trees a disappointment

I’m shocked and appalled to see the (Polk County) Courthouse trees cut down.

D. Mock


Unvaccinated should recognize a crisis

I am an active and energetic 73-year-old woman, and for the past weeks, I have been angrier and angrier at the “it’s my body,” unvaccinated people who by their actions (or inactions) have been taking away any and all of the things I find pleasurable by their attitudes and inactions!

I don’t know how much longer I have on this earth, but instead of enjoying my time with family and friends, seeing movies and shows which bring great pleasure, and getting to continue to travel like I’ve planned for all my working life, I’m stuck at home planning my trip to the grocery store as the only outing I have to look forward to.

Perhaps, all you anti-vaccine folks should have to pay your own hospital bills if you end up there because of the COVID infection — a “choice” you made. Why should insurance companies, and ultimately the million who pay premiums for insurance, have to bear the brunt of your thoughtless choices?

Grow up; stop being so selfish, and recognize there is an international health crisis going on because of COVID-19 ... even now in 2021.

Jackie Forman


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