Evans will work for women’s rights

Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court has placed a woman’s right to make choices about her own medical care at risk. Fortunately we have legislators and policy makers who will work to protect women’s autonomy. Fortunately, we have Rep. Paul Evans.

Paul has stated many times that his experience overseas in the military has shown him the consequences of eliminating women’s health care options. He is a staunch believer in letting women, often in consultation with their health care professional, make the right decisions for themselves.

I support Paul Evans.

Dori Showell


Jaffer will work in legislature

Voters in House District 23 have opportunity to elect a working legislator.

Danny Jaffer brings a lifetime of work, coupled with public service.

I’ve known Danny as a friend as well as a candidate.

Danny is tireless, smart and driven to help his neighbors throughout District 23. Danny serves Luckiamute Water Co-Op as Board President.

Danny identifies with homeowners and the agricultural community. A veteran of military aviation, he knows the plight of veterans.

In short Danny brings a wealth of concern, knowledge and drive to serving everyone in District 23.

Vote for Danny Jaffer.

Dave Weston


Roundabout not the answer on 99W

I travel east on Clow Corner Road daily and turn right on 99W. I strongly disapprove of a turn-about. What is needed is a traffic light.

I am turning right, and if no car or truck is pulled into the left lane of Clow Corner Road, I can see what traffic is coming, allowing me to estimate the time I need to get into the southbound land of 99W and get up to speed.

There are times when this righthand turn onto 99W is a problem – when a car or truck either crossing or turning left on 99W is pulled to my left, right up to the edge of the highway, preventing me from seeing what is coming.

That is one problem. When I see the traffic and judge its speed (rarely 55 mph or below) I can choose a space between cars and enter the lane, staying to the right and accelerating as much as possible to avoid a rear-end collision. A traffic light would prevent this problem.

Another problem is the line of cars coming south – some have headlights on, some do not. Some are bright colors and easily seen, others are grey or foliage-colored and have no lights. In foggy weather it is risky trying to determine if what appears to be a gap in traffic is in fact a gap or a grey car without lights. A traffic light would prevent this. A lights-on requirement would help.

I have been thankful for drivers in the left lane of Clow Corner Road who are sensible and courteous enough to stay a distance back from the edge, allowing drivers to see past them and judge when to enter the traffic.

A turn-about here would be a disaster. A traffic light would solve the problem.

Randolph Osman

Falls City

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