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Trump makes a bad president

Some readers have been offended by writers using pejorative adjectives to describe Donald Trump, rightly claiming that the office of President does not merit disrespect. But Trump is surely not “the President,” as his election was not by popular vote and was surely bought and rigged by various unsavory means. Impeachment proceedings are well underway. Yes, respect the office of the President, but not just anyone who happens to have enough money and is willing to manipulate the democratic process through lies and fear-mongering to assume title to that office. Did you respect Hitler because he managed to manipulate the government to become “elected” as fascist dictator?

Another reason to “like,” respect and agree with or honor Mr. Trump might be simply to agree with his values, favoring racism, wars, environmental degradation, corporate monopolies, authoritarian government, making money for its own sake, denying climate change, humiliating nations and leaders.

Trump represents the epitome of what is wrong with America, and his nasty, angry little boy behavior is costing our country a lot of money and a lot of international prestige. It may lead to global annihilation. His friends have been and are shallow, short-sighted, selfish, racist, anti-intellectual, greedy oligarchs.

Trump has ruthlessly and systematically routed honest and intelligent people from government, replacing them with bullies like him who will swear allegiance to him and his values. His agenda is to rule like a king and to reduce democracy to a system of autocratic rule. This is not someone we want or can respect as president. He is fundamentally a cheat, a braggart, a liar, a conman, diametrically opposed to what Jesus thought or taught.

I grew up around people like Trump. I know them well. They can sometimes manage to bankrupt resorts and casinos. They make bad presidents of democratic countries.

Randolph Osman

Falls City

Poor planning could cause chaos

I would like to ask the city planners that OK’ed the plans for the New Carl’s Jr., why you would put the drive-thru on the north side of the building so that the cars exit west into the oncoming traffic from Dutch Bros that enter the lot from the east?

Won’t this cause some chaos and confusion?

David Christensen


Safety, education begins at licensing

It was sad to learn about the recent fatality at Clow Corner and Highway 99. According to the article in the Itemizer-Observer, the fatality occurred when a vehicle pulled out onto Highway 99 after stopping at the stop sign on Clow Corner and was struck by a vehicle traveling straight on Highway 99. There is unlimited visibility at the intersection in all directions, warning lights and turn lanes on Highway 99 and warning lights, stop sign, and rumble strips on Clow Corner. Based on these facts it seems apparent that a competent driver using due diligence should be able to pass through or turn at this intersection and do so safely.

ODOT has decided the right answer is installing a roundabout at a cost of $7.5 million. Installing a roundabout on a high traffic, 55 mph highway could very likely result in more traffic accidents and would be a nightmare for truckers and farmers.

ODOT Director Mike Garrett is convinced the roundabout is the best answer, and he may be the only person who has that belief.

As a retired safety professional with over 20 years of experience dealing with highway safety, I believe the best answer is improved driver awareness and competence, which should be addressed by the state through licensing practices as well as renewing of licenses. It is far too easy to obtain and maintain a driver license in this state. Accident report data and violation statistics indicate that over 15 percent of Oregon drivers are incompetent, and they are involved in more than their share of accidents.

John Matteson


Trump demonstrates nationalist attitudes

In regards to Ms Rothchild’s recent letter to the editor describing refugees from Northern Africa coming ashore in Greece, but would be happy to live in the United States, I agree. They would be happy to start life again here. However the refugees won’t get that chance because President Trump has been actively, and very publicly, doing all he can to reduce the number of brown and black people emigrating to our country. Trump claims that brown people are criminals with violent histories raging in large swarms across our southern border, aiming to destroy us. Black people are from — hole countries, so not entitled to immigrate here. They have nothing to offer our country. President Trump is on public record saying these racist things. New immigration policies have been written, and are being enforced, to stop people from asking for asylum, their right by U.S. law. We had legal processes in place to evaluate refugees claims. The Trump administration blew those up.

Therefore while I respect the office of the Presidency, I cannot respect the man currently holding the office. He has demonstrated repeatedly white nationalist attitudes and actions.

Diane McBurnett


Proposed cigarette tax could save lives

In 2004, I lost my dad, a lifelong smoker, to complications following lung cancer surgery. I couldn’t have known at that time that I would have so many opportunities to help others avoid his fate.

As a member of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I have helped support legislative bills that protected our Clean Indoor Air Act and raised the sales age of tobacco products to 21. Now, I’m asking our elected officials to increase the tax on each pack of cigarettes by $2. Social research shows that higher costs reduce tobacco use, particularly among young people. This increase could reduce the number of youth who start smoking each year by almost 21 percent and could encourage roughly 31,300 adults to quit smoking.

There are 8,000 tobacco-related deaths in Oregon annually and the cost of health care directly related to tobacco use is $1.54 billion. In my opinion, if even one person does not start smoking or quits smoking because of this tax increase, it is worth it.

Join us at www.fightcancer.org/states/oregon to get involved.

Kay Graven


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