Shein’s experience will benefit Dallas

We are taking this opportunity to endorse David Shein for city council. David has spent years serving both the city and citizens of Dallas on multiple boards and committees. David’s willingness to engage in thoughtful conversation about the future needs of Dallas, and how to best meet those needs, would be a benefit to all. Please consider voting for David Shein for Dallas city council.

Drew and Jamie Stevenson


Dallas code seems irregular

Concern re city of Dallas code enforcement criteria.

For several years friends have visited in late summer, parking their fifth-wheel by our house. Two years ago we modified our yard so they could park off-street providing a safer traffic situation. This blocked the sidewalk for a few feet. People had to walk in the street, around the RV. Someone must have called in to complain because a code enforcement officer came by with an order to move the rig back to the street before the end of the day.

In our opinion the city has a selective code enforcement policy.

The Hillcrest corner leading to or from Byers Lane was considered unsafe, so the city painted a double line on the street. The corner is still unsafe when vehicles are parked on the curve.

Grass/weed code enforcement — From April to late July of this year, the weeds and grass grew to a height of 3 to 4 feet on property on two sides of our lot. It became a fire hazard in the hot, breezy summer weather.

We are regular walkers and drivers in Dallas. We see what we perceiveto be regular code violations. Such as: Vehicles parked over 72 hours; flowers/bushes blocking vision on some intersections; trash cans blocking sidewalks; bushes blocking sidewalks.

What influences code enforcement policy? We think there should be a consistent, well-defined policy that includes the use of “common sense.”

Helen and Bob Murphy


Re-elect Evans to HD 20

I would like to ask the public to consider voting for Paul Evans for HD 20. My husband and I have known Paul for many years and have watched him grow up to be a fine young man.

I don’t recall Paul running any campaign saying derogatory things about any opponent and stating what horrid things they said or did or have done.

Rather, running on a clear platform as to what he would hope to do and accomplish. He has run clean campaigns and opened himself up at various town meetings.

I again recommend a vote for Paul Evans.

Dori Brodersen


Nearman works for HD 23 residents

Mike Nearman is the best choice for HD 23. As a constituent of Mike’s, I follow what he does behind the scenes, and he always is working for us. We need to keep him in Salem so he can keep the radical Democrats from sending us down the road to high taxes and fees. Any loss in the Republican minority puts us at risk of even more taxes and less chance of any PERS reform.

Please consider a vote for Mike, and also a vote of yes on initiative petition 104.

Larry W. Sundberg


Shein is what Dallas council needs

I encourage Dallas citizens to vote for David Shein to serve on the city of Dallas Council. Shein, a strong community supporter, has been active in serving on several city of Dallas committees. He has prior experience serving on the Dallas council and knows how government works. Currently Shein is chairman of the Urban Renewal District and has been active in moving our city forward in creating a viable, economically successful downtown and community.

He and wife Bev are active volunteers in many community organizations and activities.

Shein’s experience and level-headed approach is just what our city council needs.

Nancy Adams


Vote McArdle: the ‘heart of Independence’

I am writing to endorse Mayor John McArdle. I have seen him not only support the city of Independence, but also the people. He has been involved in numerous public events, ranging from arts performances to charity benefits to school assemblies; John has been a tireless and selfless advocate for the city of Independence. He has made it his daily routine to go out and talk to the citizens of Independence of all ages and address their concerns. I believe the community owes a debt of gratitude for his leadership — John McArdle is the heart of Independence.

Kristy Cassell


Buehler true to Oregon’s values

Please consider the future of our Oregon, elect Knute Buehler governor. Oregon raised, the OSU grad has built a medical practice and experienced the challenges of running a business. Thoughtful considering issues, Knute understands that Oregonians pay more taxes than ever. The current governor has approved $14 billion in new taxes and wants more. Oregonians who want careful management of our state government are primary supporters of Buehler’s campaign. Enormous sums from outside our state support Brown. Do we want control of legislative decisions coming from outsiders or from an Oregonian true to our real values? Vote Knute Buehler governor.

Anne Simila


Evans advocate for all Oregonians

House District 20 should re-elect Paul Evans for many reasons. He has been successful in advocating for veterans, women, school funding, and gun laws that make sense.

My partner and I own and operate a small business. Paul has helped pass business-friendly legislation that makes it easier for small businesses to thrive.

Don’t be fooled by the negative ads Paul’s opponent is relying on to confuse voters. The bottom line is simple: Paul has the experience and integrity we need in the legislature.

Re-elect Paul Evans.

Margie Schweitzer


Evans checks all the right boxes

Why should people vote for Rep. Paul Evans? Here are a few reasons:

Experienced? Yes.

Understands issues? Yes.

Works hard? Yes.

Supports women’s reproductive freedom? Yes. Helped expand veteran services and outreach? Yes. Supports increasing school funding? Yes. Runs a clean and honest campaign? Yes.

Has integrity? Yes.

Supports common sense gun legislation? Yes.

Helped improve Salem and WOU infrastructure? Yes Has a cute dog? Yes.

As you can see, Paul Evans has accomplished a great deal on behalf of voters and is the right person to represent us in Salem.

We need good people like Paul Evans in office.

Molly Mayhead


Vote for Jaffer’s integrity, drive

Oregon’s House District 23 needs representation in the Legislature. The incumbent’s arrogance and disdain for his constituents is remarkable and unforgivable. We are long overdue for a change. Knowing what I know about Danny Jaffer’s values, integrity, drive and determination, it was a no-brainer to support his campaign and vote for him. Danny will listen and learn about issues that confront District 23’s citizens and all Oregonians. He is ready and willing to work with any legislator, no matter what their affiliation, that desires to move Oregon forward. I urge you to consider voting for Danny Jaffer for District 23.

Joe Koubek


Pamphlet makes Evans clear choice

The Voters’ Pamphlet makes it very easy to see who is the most qualified person for any office in Oregon. When it comes to the House District 20 race, that person is Paul Evans.

His list of legislative accomplishments is extensive. From women’s rights, to school funding, to gun legislation, to seismic upgrades, Paul Evans has been working hard to benefit all Oregonians.

Selma Pierce has run a dirty campaign full of lies and half-truths. The Voters’ Pamphlet reveals she has little to no experience to prepare her for the complexities of office.

Paul is the best choice for us.

Ed Dover


Waddell will move Independence forward

Join your friends and neighbors and vote for Jack Waddell for mayor in Independence. Jack brings a positive, collaborative leadership style to serve all of Independence. As a contractor for private and public projects, he sets high standards for quality, customer service, construction and development. He will bring these skills to lead our city to move forward with quality, efficient, cost effective services without continuing to overburden us with debt. He will work hard for all to champion the best our community has to offer and work together to bring fresh ideas to move us forward. Vote yes for Jack.

Ingrid Cooper


‘Prepare’ proves informative

I would like to thank Steven Eberlein of the American Red Cross for the Prepare Out Loud Monmouth presentation, hosted by Western Oregon University on Oct. 25. His excellent and informative program was the best I have experienced on the topic of living in harmony with Mother Nature. I recommend that everyone invest the effort of making simple preparations to deal with the potential of an emergency. The Red Cross has free information available and blatantly qualified people to help you with this process. Steven delivered an amazing presentation.

Ron Smith


Pierce will end taxing cycle

Selma Pierce is a welcome candidate for HD 20. I concluded after a recent meeting with Ms. Pearce that she is the person the Legislature and Oregon needs to lead the direction required to end the Liberal Democrats never-ending desire to tax and tax some more.

Her main priorities are to change the PERS retirement system that is bankrupting Oregon, offer solutions to low high-school graduation rates, homeless problems and work with making affordable housing available. Selma supports a needed West Salem bridge to service commerce and daily commutes.

Selma Pierce and Oregon deserve your vote.

Wayne Simmons


Library ‘friends’ grateful for help

As chairperson of the book sale and on behalf of the Friends of the Dallas Library, I would like to thank all the volunteers who gave generously of their time and talents to help make our book sale last week a great success. Without these true friends of the library, we would be unable to do the work we do in supporting our Dallas library. I would especially like to thank Steve and Sherrie Van Noy of Moving Made Easy for the use of their big truck — and their backs — to move the books from our storage unit to the civic center and then back again after the sale.

They made the moving much less back-breaking, and we are beyond grateful. Also, thanks to Andrea at the library for keeping us in beautiful posters.

I would like to personally invite anyone who loves books, loves to read or loves our library to join our team, the Friends of the Dallas Library (the fun bunch). You may contact me by calling 503-559-3830.

Dede Perkins


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