Letters to the editor

DHS principal says thanks

On behalf of the staff and student body at Dallas High School, I wish to express our sincerest gratitude to the many volunteers and donors who have made the Dallas High School Turf Project a reality.

The excitement and enthusiasm the project’s completion has generated has truly been amazing.

We extend an invitation to come and see what our excitement is all about: Soccer matches under the lights, football games, and pride in a community that pulls together to do great things for kids.

Go Dragons! (and Wildcats, Wolves, Eagles, and Lions)

Steve Spencer


Kudos to Indy

Congratulations to the City of Independence for the recent award received from the League of Oregon Cities recognizing outstanding attitude, engagement, and alignment. You make us proud.

I understand that City Councilor Marilyn Morton presented a letter to the full Independence City Council suggesting that the city increase its financial support of the Monmouth-Independence Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center. This was not a request initiated by the Chamber Board of Directors.

We are very proud of the job that the chamber does in supporting our member businesses and organizations and in promoting tourism in our community. We do our best to make limited financial resources stretch to do this job that is so important, that makes our community vital and vibrant.

It isn’t easy to make the financial resources stretch, so we appreciate the suggestion that Councilor Morton brought to City Council. We would use the funds to enhance and support the work that we are doing, particularly with visitor services.

I believe that the Monmouth-Independence Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center goals are closely aligned with those of the City of Independence. Let’s work together to make this community great.

Miriam Haugen


Monmouth-Independence Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center Board President

Paying taxes is not a crime

The “Sanctuary State” article by Audrey Caro in the Sept. 5 issue of your newspaper quotes a statement that people who come to the U.S. illegally commit a crime if they work and pay taxes because “that means they must have stolen someone else’s identity” (paraphrase from Sal Esquivel, of Medford). As I learned as an AARP tax aide last year, the IRS will supply an identification number so that taxes may be paid. The assumption that paying taxes must involve a criminal act is not accurate.

Susan Farnworth


No ‘hate club’ among Republicans

I am so confused upon reading last week’s editorial (letter to the editor) by Mr. Brown. I am pro-life because my grandmother decided not to abort my mother, even though her life was in peril. My husband’s mother’s faith prohibited use of contraception, so she gave him birth and also up for adoption. Our home has constantly been open to the homeless and needy, including international asylum seekers. I respect the opinions of others, even if we ultimately agree to disagree.

In 67 years I have not met any members of the Republican Hate Club. Are you certain it exists?

Kris Dalton


McArdle leads Indy forward

I have known John McArdle for many years. As a resident and owner of a downtown business, I notice and appreciate how the town has thrived in the last couple of decades under his leadership: the Monmouth Street sidewalk project, the myriad downtown street improvements, the amphitheater, the Hop Fest revival, and now the ongoing riverfront development have all been successful under his leadership. I endorse him as mayor and look forward to future improvements in our community.

Laura Archer


Kreft best choice for Dallas

We are voting for Tawnya Kreft for Dallas City Council.

Tawnya will bring a unique set of skills and and a fresh perspective to the City Council. She is really smart, a good listener, and very experienced in collaborating to accomplish shared objectives. She is committed to encouraging construction of housing for all families to ease the housing shortage in Dallas.

Please join us in voting for Tawnya Kreft for Dallas City Council.

Ann and David Hurd


Evans represents whole community

Paul Evans was a Central High School senior running for student body president when I met him. Even then he impressed me with his thoughtful leadership. I learned its source: he was raised by parents who belonged to opposing political parties. His balanced upbringing made him the kind of man we need in the Legislature. He refuses to play dirty because he knows that doing so insults his own people.

I have watched Paul Evans grow from childhood to manhood, and I’m proud to call him a friend.

Vote for Paul for House District 20. He represents all of us.

Gail Oberst


Kreft will make effective leader

I first became acquainted with Mrs. Kreft in 2015. I met her at an event which she organized to express compassion and concern for individuals working for the judicial system as well as the individuals, families and survivors of crime, navigating our system.

She has an unparalleled sensitivity and concern for others that when coupled with her maturity which is beyond her years gives her the makings of an effective and dynamic leader.

I give her my highest recommendation, without reservation.

Frank Thompson


Evans is proven leader

This election is important to all who treasure Oregon.

Paul Evans, D-Monmouth, is a proven leader who works hard to draw us together instead of driving us apart.

There will be many more negative ads about Rep. Evans bought by companies, organizations, and super-rich people, including the Koch brothers, who don’t care whether you are well-represented, only whether a D, however good, can be replaced by any unproven R.

When there are nasty misrepresentations of candidates, we tend not to vote at all. It’s called “voter suppression,” and it will be used heavily against Paul.

Please vote for Paul Evans.

Sue McCracken Bolstad


Rescind sidewalk ordinance

The WOU candidate forum on Sept. 5 included answers about Monmouth’s sidewalk ordinance. I think it is not a fair ordnance; an overstepping of the city’s powers.

Jon Carey: “It’s the norm in Oregon and would be unfair to those who have paid.”

Steve Milligan: “Rescinding the ordinance now would be a knee-jerk reaction.”

Roxanne Beltz: “Rescind immediately.”

Chris Lopez: “Take care of it now.”

Stephen Howard: “As part of our public infrastructure, the city should pay.”

The job of the Monmouth City Council is to find the best way to solve problems, not just look to the past.

Joe Hillesum


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