Letters to the editor

Thanks for making Thanksgiving bright

The Dallas Food Bank would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all in our community who donated to our clients’ Thanksgiving Dinner.

We are happy that 164 families got to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with their families.

A special thank you to Safeway and Walmart. Safeway donated 64 Turkey Bucks dinners and many turkeys. Walmart gave us a significant discount on our purchased turkeys.

Thanks to Polk County Fairgrounds for all of their support. Thanks to the downtown merchants for their turkey donations and to the Dallas High School Interact Club for all of their food donations.

We are blessed to live in such a generous, caring community.

Mona Ordonez

Dallas Food Bank Volunteer


Fee is inconvenient, but worth it

We understand that no one likes paying more for the public services. And, we agree that using water/sewer fees as a method to collect those funds may not be the best answer. However, speaking as residents of this town, we would like to send a huge thank you to our police officers, EMT professionals, and firefighters here in Dallas.

Our family has needed EMT services on three occasions over the past several years, and we feel compelled to say how fortunate we think the citizens of Dallas are to have the professionals we do. These EMTs and police officers have been professional, kind, compassionate and caring to our family at times when we needed it most. I am here today only because these wonderful people literally saved my life. We cannot sing their praises enough. Thank you all for keeping us safe.

Of course, when we opened up our city of Dallas bill this month we saw the new fee and realized that nobody would like seeing it. We saw this as an opportunity to call out how fortunate we believe we are here in the city of Dallas. Having lived in other communities, we truly believe the services are well worth what we are asked to pay.

Curtis and Susan Barnes


County history shines at museum

I am writing this letter to share the treasure the citizens of Polk County have available to them.

We are fortunate to live where the history of Polk County is easily accessible by way of the Polk County Historical Society with the utilization of the Polk County Museum and Brunk House. These buildings have numerous collections of the history of Polk County. On every level, there is something here for the education of our legacy.

These sites are ever-changing with a variety of events that are family-oriented, with many hands-on demonstrations that illustrated the daily life tasks that once existed by our ancestors who established our communities.

The museums are nonprofit, and are staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers, and financially exists by donations.

I urge everyone to take time to visit Polk County’s origins to discover what makes Polk County a great place to live.

Deb Darr

Falls City

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