Political ‘experience’ not needed

I would like to ask why individuals believe that you need political experience to run for any sort of political office, including President?

The great thing about our Nation is that whomever wants to run for a political office may do so regardless of experience if they meet the conditions set forth to run for that political office.

Special note to Mr. Evans: How do you like seeing your billboards in your home town and district?

David Christensen Independence

Evans gets things done in Capitol

I have always been impressed with Paul Evans, our state representative. He is extremely accessible to his constituents. He works hard to make sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Paul has made great strides in improving funding for education. He has helped secure seismic upgrade funding for this region. He believes in protecting our natural resources. Perhaps most importantly, he championed and co-authored the ballot initiative that improved funding for veteran outreach and services.

Paul is a moderate who works with people on both sides of the aisle, from all perspectives, to get things done.

Paul Evans deserves re-election.

Steven Wells


Pierce avoids the issues

Somebody needs to ask the question, so here it is: when will Selma Pierce speak up? So far, she has not taken the time to define herself or her candidacy. She has presented no reason to vote for her, other than as a woman she is “a refreshing choice.”

Selma hasn’t run a campaign on ideas or issues. Instead, she merely lobs negative attacks at Rep. Paul Evans who is a successful and dedicated public servant and representative.

So I ask it again: when will Selma Pierce speak up? We are waiting for answers.

Paula Baldwin


Shein for Dallas City Council

We need people on our city council who have a true heart for Dallas! David Shein has been all in with both heart and soul for many years. His experience alone is huge. Eight years on the planning commission, now chair of the Urban Renewal District Advisory Committee, board member of the Dallas Downtown Association and best, four previous years on the city council. He will hit the ground running, focusing on local priorities like quality water, police and fire protection and other growing needs for our burgeoning population. We need his common sense. We need David on the Council.

Ken Jacroux


Jaffer forward-thinking conservative

Danny Jaffer was one of the first persons we met when we moved to Oregon in 2006. It was a pleasure to visit with him for information about our new state and local community. We spoke a great deal about valuable resources including water and the need to keep it clean and safe.

Danny Jaffer is a forward-thinking conservative who believes in balanced budgets that prioritize: education, health care, and clean air and water. I firmly believe he will work hard for all of us as our next State Representative, House District 23.

Debra Nord


Evans stands for teachers, jobs, environment

The problem with attack ads is that you never get a sense of who the candidate is or what they can accomplish. They are too busy trying to tear down their opponent instead of saying what they can do or why they are qualified for the job.

I am troubled by the Selma Pierce campaign. She has spent the entire campaign slinging mud at Rep. Paul Evans and hasn’t bothered to tell us why we should elect her.

I know Paul Evans is qualified. I know he stands for teachers, good jobs, and the environment. I’ll vote for Paul Evans.

Angela Fenn


Dallas needs Shein on council

The Dallas City Council needs grownups willing to face the challenges confronting our city and make the difficult choices required to deal with them. David Shein has consistently demonstrated his willingness and ability to meet challenges head-on.

He has served on many committees and boards. He is always well-prepared for the meetings and works well with all the members of the committees. He is a team player.

I believe he is the right person at the right time for the job.

Please join me in voting for David Shein for Dallas City Council

Lavonne Wilson


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