Jaffer lives life of service

Patriot. Career Military. Danny Jaffer knows what it means to serve, and has continued to volunteer his time here: food banks, youth sports and more.

Jaffer knows achievement requires listening, leadership and teamwork rather than grandstanding. Affordable health care, clean water and air, financially accessible education, and living wage jobs are whole community interests calling for someone who can lead, and negotiate.

Someone pro-active rather than re-active.

He’s a local who has shown the caliber of his character throughout his career of public service. Join me in voting for Danny Jaffer to be our District 23 Representative.

Susan Karp


Jaffer stands for rural Oregonians

As a lifelong Oregonian, and longtime resident of Polk County, I want what is best for the district I live in. That’s why I’m voting for Danny Jaffer for House District 23. He understands the unique needs of rural Oregonians. He puts people first, not his personal agenda, something which is currently lacking in the district today. We need new blood and fresh ideas to give us a new start. Danny Jaffer can do that, he will listen to his constituents. Please vote Danny Jaffer House District 23. Time to move forward in a way that serves us all.

Meredith Taylor


Adopt-a-Family kicks off soon

Hi Dallas community. Fall is here, the students are back in school, and Christmas will soon be here.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about Dallas Adopt-a-family. It’s a great way for us to share with those in our community who might need a little extra help this Christmas season. Dallas Adopt-a-family matches local families with community members, agencies, businesses, clubs and churches who would like to “adopt” them for Christmas. Each adopted family receives food to prepare a Christmas meal, and a gift for each child ages 0-18.

Last year, we were able to help 224 families (1,115 individuals, 622 children) and 17 group home youth.

If you would like to adopt a family, go to www.surveymonkey.com/r/daafhelp, and complete the form online. Sometime around the middle of November, you will receive your packet with all the necessary information: sizes/gift ideas, how and when to drop off you donation.

If you would like to volunteer, complete the online form at the same web address as above. There are many opportunities the week of Dec. 17.

If you would like to sign up to receive a Christmas donation box, you may do so at the Dallas Community Resource Center, 182 SW Academy St., Suite 220, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. on any of the following days: Nov. 13, 14, 15, or Nov. 28 and 29.

Be sure to bring photo ID. Questions? Contact the Adopt-a-family committee at 503-569-3852, or email dallasadopt1@gmail.com, or call the Dallas Resource Center at 503-623-9664.

It is truly a joy to help others and work together as a community.

Derrill and Bev Robinson


Why not combine more than fire?

I read Jolene Guzman’s article on Dallas fire district talks. Is it not true that in the past there was an opportunity for Dallas to join Fire No. 1? If so what happened. Why have we lived with a mostly volunteer Fire Department when we could have had a staff of full time Firefighters/EMS and a shorter response time? So why now?

If a consolidated Fire Department is more cost effective for Dallas, wouldn’t a consolidate Police Department be more cost effective as well?

We could at least eliminate the Police Chief salary (which I would think to be well over $100,000 with benefits) by moving city police officers to the Sheriff’s Office and contracting with him to provide law enforcement services. I challenge the City Council to look into this.

Gary Weis


Johnson works for everyone

This is a letter in support of Royal Johnson’s candidacy for the position of city council in Monmouth.

Royal is presently a member of the city council. He currently monitors spending of our tax money. Royal has served in the military. Royal is a person who works for everyone’s benefit. I’m voting for Royal Johnson.

Marilyn Wallis


Pierce put women at risk

In an ad, Selma Pierce purports to be “about women.” In a particular ad on Facebook, she claims to be pro-choice. Yet, she has received a recommendation from Oregon’s main anti-abortion lobbying group.

Seriously? Why would an anti-choice group give a pro-choice candidate a hefty recommendation? Is Ms. Pierce telling the lobbyists what they want to hear? Is she telling women what they want to hear?

Either way, a woman’s right to her own reproductive choices will be at risk with Selma Pierce. We know where Paul Evans stands on women’s rights issues. Selma Pierce is not worth the gamble.

Shannon Cockayne


Jaffer will find solutions

Jaffer is a bridge builder.

Oregonians can solve challenges only by working together. As a resident of Oregon House District 23, I’m excited about Danny Jaffer, who is running under the banner of five Oregon political parties, including the Democratic and Independent parties.

What impresses me most is Danny’s endorsement by Jim Thompson and Kris Bledsoe. Thompson previously represented us in the legislature (as a Republican), while Bledsoe received 25 percent of this year’s Republican primary vote.

We need legislators who can work across the political spectrum to find solutions to issues facing the state. Danny Jaffer will do that.

Teresa Welch


Jaffer stands for common sense

Jaffer supports common-sense firearms policy.

As a lifelong firearms owner, I support protections for responsible firearms ownership. Danny Jaffer, candidate for Oregon House District 23, agrees. As a U.S. Navy officer, Danny swore an oath to defend the Constitution, including the Second Amendment.

At the same time, Danny believes we can reduce the risks posed by firearms by incentivizing gun safety. He also believes that common-sense measures can reduce gun violence, and he supports measures to keep guns out of the hands of individuals with dangerous histories

Please join me in voting for Danny Jaffer and common-sense gun policy.

Pat Welch


Don’t let ‘them’ rule your vote

A postcard from Mike Nearman recently informed me that “they” were coming to take my “freedom” on Nov. 6. It implies that “they” want to take away your freedom to own guns and encourages you to vote for Nearman to protect those rights.

I don’t feel threatened. Here’s why: Danny Jaffer swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. That includes the Second Amendment.

As a gun owner himself, Danny supports common-sense firearms policy and responsible gun ownership, but he doesn’t support restrictions to the Second Amendment.

Don’t let fear rule your vote.

Gaynelle L. O’Neil


Join Rotary in fight against polio

As a part of Rotary International, the Dallas Rotary Club joined the fight against polio in 1985.

In honor of that effort, Oct. 24 has been declared World Polio Day. The disease had crippled and killed hundreds of thousands every year, but in 2017, only 19 cases were found in three countries worldwide.

Members of Dallas Rotary, and clubs throughout the world, have contributed thousands of dollars to the battle. In just the past 10 years, club members have given nearly $16,000 to the End Polio Now campaign.

Early in the 20th century the intestinal virus spread in epidemic fashion in the United States, crippling thousands and placing many in bed devices known as iron lungs.

Jonas Salk devised a vaccine in 1955, using a dead polio virus. In 1962, Albert Sabin developed a vaccine using live virus. The result has been eradication from the U.S. and the western world.

Rotary took up the challenge when it found the impact polio was having in various African countries in which Rotary was involved in assistance projects.

At that time polio threatened populations in Africa, Central and South America and Asia. Billions of people were at risk. Of the three types of polio, only type 1 is still found in Pakistan (four cases 2017), Afghanistan (15) and Nigeria (0). The last cases of type 2 and type 3 were reported in 1999 and 2015, respectively.

The reduction is due to programs to inoculate young people with the oral vaccine. It has taken many millions of dollars from Rotary, and in later years, other foundations and programs, including the Gates Foundation.

Rotary International and Dallas Rotary Club are committed to seeing this virus wiped from the earth.

For information about Rotary’s fight, or the local club, go to www.rotary.org.

Dave Weston

Dallas Rotary Club

Jaffer is the change we need

Sick of the poisonous partisanship? Consider the candidates for Oregon House District 23:

The incumbent refuses interviews with this newspaper, brings bodyguards to public forums to block people from meeting him (if he comes at all), and wants to waste taxpayer dollars and endanger our communities by diverting local law enforcement to tasks which properly belong to federal immigration officials.

The alternative? A hometown hero (Navy pilot, retired) who: respects and listens to all, led the switch to non-partisan Polk County Commissioners, and works to make our communities safer for everyone.

Danny Jaffer is the change we need.

Lisanne Pearcy


Retain Evans this November

The people in House District 20 need the continued leadership of Rep. Paul Evans. He has demonstrated his dedication to service as a member of the armed forces, volunteer firefighter, mayor, and teacher. As chair of the House Committee on Veterans and Emergency Preparedness, Paul has provided support for Oregon’s military veterans and their families, including Ballot Measure 96.

While his opponent has been peppering my mailbox with appeals to vote for her because we are both women, Paul Evans has stood up for women by supporting equal pay legislation and women’s health care. We need Paul Evans.

Vickie McCubbin


McArdle ‘tried and true’

In the 20 years since our move from Seattle, Independence has transformed into a hometown to be proud of. We’ve experienced wonderful advances and innovations; The Amphitheater at Riverview Park hosts the Fourth of July Fireworks, concerts, and The Farmers Market, and a biker’s campground. Beautifully restored storefronts, a movie theatre, outstanding restaurants, pubs, brews, and a divine bakery, create an irresistible town ambiance. These reasons, and so many more, are why we call Independence “home.” John McArdle has been our mayor for all those 20 years, and is, what I call “tried and true.” You have my vote, John.

Becky Takacs


Learn about your candidates

While canvassing for Monmouth city councilors, I learned that many citizens are generally not aware of who is running for local offices. Without other information, name recognition is all there is to go on. Thank you, Itemizer-Observer, for making space to print candidates’ statements. Thanks also to the organizers of the forum held at WOU earlier this month. These are excellent examples of what needs to happen more and more to increase citizen engagement in government: opportunities to compare candidates and issues intelligently to make decisions.

Nannette Willis


Waddle is change Independence needs

Time for a change in Independence. In the last 20 years, we have been swamped by one project after another which we have not voted on, yet increase the city’s debt: purchasing properties and selling them to developers for less than we paid for; surcharges on our water bills to pay for Minet and the city hall bond, just to name a few. I urge the citizens of Independence to vote for Jack Waddell for mayor. Jack will insure that we will undertake projects that benefit the citizens and not saddle them with more debt.

Ronald M. Cooper


Shein shows dedication to Dallas

David Shein is my top pick for Dallas city council. I have enjoyed working with David on the board of the Dallas Downtown Association. I have found him to be predictable with wisdom and consistent good humor. He carries a rare combination of administrative excellence, wit and goodwill which is priceless in today’s turbulent political climate.

In addition to his amenable nature, David has worked tirelessly on the Urban Renewal Committee, the Planning Commission, Budget Committee and many other projects focusing on public safety, infrastructure and commerce.

Please vote for David Shein.

Mark Sturtevant

President, Dallas Downtown Association


Kreft shows concern for all

I have known Tawnya Kreft for a few years. Tawnya is a member of The Friends of Dallas Public Library and helps to plan events. She is usually willing to work at these events if she has not committed her time somewhere else. She has worked at book sales, Tuesday on the Square events, and numerous other occasions to promote the library and help children obtain books and educational experiences. Tawnya was the only candidate who canvased our neighborhood to learn the concerns of the residents of Dallas. She works to help people and is truly concerned about everyone’s welfare.

Lois Derouin


Reverse trend of ignorance in voting

It seems the trend, maybe even for generations, that some people are more concerned with voting against somebody than voting for them; that many voters are not listening to the candidates and researching what candidates offer. We should reverse this trend, not encourage it, and stop letting others do the thinking for us.

If you cannot give reasons for why you want somebody in an office, you are not informed. A successful campaign should not be about money; it should be about values. We need to understand our candidates’ visions. We need to learn the facts for ourselves, keeping in mind that talking heads are often propaganda puppets. Actions and experiences speak louder than words.

I am not writing this editor to endorse one candidate or another. I am writing to encourage all voters in the upcoming elections to find the true facts — not the skewed facts. Will your candidates really represent you when they are in office? Do they seek to represent not just you but the rights of your fellow Americans? Or do you suspect there is a hidden agenda at play?

What we do today affects how we live tomorrow. In the end, we should do what is best as Americans for all Americans. We should think beyond this campaign and beyond ourselves. We need to consider the future; this includes our children and grandchildren, our fellow Americans, and our world. Keeping in mind that despite our differences and what we do as individuals affects our communities as a whole, we must stay informed of the facts. We must vote true.

Rebecca Gann


Friends of Aquatic Center group appreciated

Thank you Ann Hurd for initiating and helping to establish Dallas Friends of the Aquatic Center. Thank you David Morelli (treasurer), Tina Paul (Vice President), Nancy Wilson (Media Communication), Kelly Gabliks (Secretary) and Ann Hurd (President) for the hard work you are investing for the benefit of all who live in Dallas. Many look forward to participating and supporting Dallas Friends of the Aquatic Center.

Tawnya Kreft


Thanks to all candidates

I received my ballot and I am going to fulfill my civic duty, but alas I am discouraged. Over the last 200 years, people have gone to battle, fought in peace and war, and given their lives for my right to vote, And yet, many of the public offices are running unopposed. There are many reasons for this. Many positions are unpaid, and for this, I believe we need to get our priorities straight.

I for one work far outside the city and cannot do the city and county justice by running, nor can I afford it. The homeless and down and out are important, but we get what we pay for, especially in those we elect to make our important decisions for us. This is just wrong. However, I want to personally thank each and every candidate, opposed or not, and whether I agree with your politics or not, I admire each and every one of you, because your most important asset is that you have faith — faith in your community, faith in your convictions, and are willing to, at times, throw yourself on the gauntlet to give to your community. In one word, patriotism.

Randal Wisnia

The Judge John J. Daly House, c. 1885


Jaffer shares values

When in doubt about which candidate gets our vote, we look to who has the strongest support from professional organizations that share our values. Clearly, Danny Jaffer takes the endorsement-lead for who can best represent House District 23. Oregon School Employees Association, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, AFL-CIO, American Federation of Teachers, and the Oregon Nurses Association are among the many groups that point to Danny Jaffer as the most qualified candidate to address the quality-of-live needs of we middle-class citizens.

Please consider switching out the incumbent, and giving Danny a chance to make a difference in the Oregon Legislature.

John and Pennie Freeburg


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