New Year, new you

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Here’s to you, our readers, and a new year ahead.

We’ve had a lot of changes in 2018, and we’re sure you have, too.

While you’re working on resolutions — or even if you’re not a resolutions-type — let the stories in this week’s paper inspire you. On our website, we have a story about the Central High School cheerleading squad, who has qualified for a national tournament, the first time CHS has had a cheer team qualify in a long time.

The girls worked hard — and so did the coach, who volunteered her time training these student-athletes so they could compete. Cheer sometimes gets a bad rap, as if it’s not a “real sport.” But it can be, and CHS cheerleaders are reminding the community of just that as they make their way to Anaheim, Calif.

On the front page is a story about Ramon Martinez, who will head to Switzerland in the fall to compete in an international duathlon. His story is one of picking up small habits to better himself and his health, and how those small things blossomed into big things. Martinez, the community engagement manager for the city of Independence, has already shared his love of running and staying active with the community, encouraging Saturday runs and walks. These activities start at the Independence Riverfront Park and welcome all levels of experience.

On page 9, sports writer Jennifer Biberston said she has a goal of hiking Mt. Hood in the spring. Battling knee pain for years, she has committed to taking better care of her body so she can accomplish her goals.

Of course, we at the Itemizer-Observer have both personal and professional “resolutions” for 2019, all aimed at being better humans, better journalists, better at providing you with what you need and want to know about in your communities.

As always, feel free to let us know how we’re doing through a letter to the editor, or send us a news tip at

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