We’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook questioning the mass amount of information available and how reliable it may or may not be. We want you to know that getting reliable information to you is our job. It’s our job to get it right for you, and to update it as quickly as we can. If you’ve been following us online, you know those updates are flying in fast. We have three local news reporters — including our sports reporter who has been reassigned to news while the sports season has been suspended — working as hard as they can on reduced hours to bring you the most up to date, current, accurate information about the spread of Covid-19.
We are encouraged to see our community banding together in this crisis. We see you. We see you walking your dogs and your pristine front yards — your hard work to keep social distancing has been noticed! We see our fellow local businesses struggle and are doing whatever we can to help them, too. It’s been a little easier to keep a sunny disposition while the weather has been great. In recent days, the rain will start up and then it may be more difficult.
But one of our readers has written an inspirational letter to the editor. She suggests we start working on crafts and projects for the Polk County Fair, looking to August, when hopefully this pandemic will have settled down and we can gather as a county and celebrate our accomplishments.
Have an old Settlement cookbook? Maybe it’s time to practice cooking like they did. Maybe it’s time to dig through the craft closet and see what kind of new hobby we can develop.
In any case, keep up the good work, Polk County. Keep being kind to each other. Keep being patient. Support your local businesses the best you can — including your local newspaper — and we’ll get through this together.
We have been impacted by the recommended restrictions right along with other local businesses. Because we’ve had to cut costs, some of your favorite features may be missing, such as comics and the mini page. We will endeavor to bring those back to you as soon as we can.

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