You need to find out where the funding will come from for this bill. Estimated 20 cent tax per gallon on all fossil fuels entering this state. This is just the start; the tax will increase in steps till the writers of this bill states it will get to three dollars a gallon in 2050. I ask you to do the math figuring that Oregon uses in past years 1.4 billion gallons of gas and 600 million gallons of diesel plus natural gas and propane per year. We are talking billions of dollars per year. The carriers of the bill state with new technology

 You need to ask who will run this carbon cap program and the most important factor who will control these billions of dollars per year. In the bill when passed the Governor will “appoint” a twenty-person committee that will have sole control of the bill if passed into law and the dollars generated. You have to remember that in Oregon’s constitution any tax on fuel and diesel by law will go to improving the infrastructure of our transportation system in this state but the carrier of 2020 states they have found means to go around our constitution and none will go to maintaining our highways and bridges. As stated in the bill, this “committee” can change parts of this law “as needed”. The elected legislatures will not have any power to monitor this program or how the billion dollars a year will be spent and this really bothers me as we all know the state has problems controlling their spending in the past. I’m not even sure the Secretary of State can ask for an audit, we need to find this out. 2020 is a bad bill for Oregon

Bill Kluting


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