Another election season has arrived, though in this pandemic it may have been easy to forget about it. Oregon’s primary election is May 19. Ballots will be mailed to voters.

Thankfully, Oregon’s vote-by-mail system makes it easy to maintain social distancing while still fulfilling your civic duty. Ballot drop off sites are available, but you don’t have to go anywhere if you fill out your ballot ahead of time and drop it in the mail.

With election season comes election letters to the editor, which we welcome at the Polk County Itemizer-Observer.

However, elections letters are subject to different policies than other letters. Writers are limited to one letter per election, so that means if you want to write for — or against — more than one candidate, you must do so in one letter.

We limit election letters to 100 words, which we know is not much, but it’s a policy for  a good reason.

Both the one-letter and 100-word policies are in place to allow as many people as possible to have a voice on our editorial page. Thank you for following these guidelines.

We started our election coverage with the Polk County Assessor’s race. Valerie Patoine is the current assessor, appointed  to the position by the Polk County Board of Commissioners in 2019. Her opponent, Rob Witters, is a West Salem resident and employee of the Marion County Assessor’s Office.

We will have more election-related coverage in the April 22 and April 29 editions of the Itemizer, so we hope you keep reading — and writing.

With the election on May 19, your last opportunity to write a letter is May 13.

Remember to vote, and if possible, stay home while doing it.

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