Things you should know about the Carbon Cap SB 2020: Even the main sponsor admitted that many things was wrong with his bill. Sponsors knew the effects of this bill would cause economic problems, especially in rural Oregon. Even knowing by reading all the comments and listening from people around the state and public testimony in Salem during the session stating they did not want this bill passed, they still tried to pass 2020. In the bill, they talked about job losses, but didn’t mention who and how many and where in the state these job losses would occur. They talked about creating “green jobs,” making solar panels, which are cheaper made in other states and especially in foreign countries. These “green jobs” would be only temporary, not full time. Families need to be assured of full-time, year-round jobs. This bill doesn’t do that and couldn’t do that. We asked where the location, salaries, benefits of these “green” jobs would be during the committee hearing and received no answers. Part two coming soon.

Bill Kluting


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