With fall well on underway, the sunset is coming earlier. Often the evening feels even darker earlier as clouds and rain cover the county. That doesn’t mean people aren’t out enjoying the crisp evening — and morning — air! What it does mean is those who are out for walks or jogs or bicycle rides are harder to see for drivers heading to or from work or errands.

We know it’s not the law to wear bright clothes and hi-vis. We know you don’t have to carry a flashlight to make you more visible. But we have seen too many people killed because a driver couldn’t see them. We’ve seen families lose daughters, fathers, brothers and sisters, and can only imagine the pain the driver must have felt to have so accidentally killed someone.

When driving, slow down and make sure you’re looking for people crossing the street or sharing the road.

And for those of us out walking our dogs or enjoying the fall air, pull out some bright colors. Grab a flashlight to carry. You don’t need to buy something expensive, but you can do something to help drivers see you.

Remember the rules of the road. Walk against oncoming traffic so you can see the cars often before they see you and step out of the way — especially for those roads in town and out that do not have sidewalks.

Bicycles are required to have a headlamp when traveling in the dark, so if you plan to commute in the morning hours by bicycle, be sure you have all the right safety equipment to make you visible.

We’ll have more stories coming in future weeks about bicycle and pedestrian safety. It really does take a village to watch out for each other while on the road, regardless of transportation method.

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