Dear Dallas Community,

It’s time for an appreciation “shout out” for community involvement in our school district. As you know our new district mission is to provide the highest quality education, ensuring every student develops the academic, functional, professional-technical, and social-emotional skills necessary to succeed in life. Our promise; every student in Dallas Public School District is known by name, strength and need, and graduates ready for career, college, and community. Community volunteers are integral to our work with students.

Let’s begin with our five elected board members and the continual focus on what’s best for students. They set the course for our district. Thank you Matt Posey (chair), Michael Blanchard (vice-chair), Jon Woods, Dave Hunt, and Michael Bollman. You are the best.

Our community said to increase CTE programs. This year we added an Education Pathway bringing the total number of pathways to seven (an increase of five pathways) in two years, in partnership with Chemeketa Community College. Our CTE enrollment continues to be high with 426 students this semester. Thank you Business and Industry Advisory Committee members; Bob Brannigan (chair), Bob Tucker, David Sutherland, Gary Suderman, Glen Miller, Helga Thompson, JD Shinn, Jerry Bouderaux, Kal Anderson, Kate Hall, AJ Foscoli, Lee Schlenker, Rick Young, Tammy Noon, and Alex Paraskevas.

As we begin the budget process each year we have two teams that support our work; Budget Committee and Finance Committee. Thank you Dave Morris (chair), Linda Fox, Mike Holland, LaVonne Wilson, Mike Blanchard, Mike Bollman, Jerry Bouderaux, and Alisha Gardner.

Our community is engaged in how bond dollars are spent and makes recommendations to the board. Thank you to our Citizens Oversight Committee members; Jerry Bouderaux (chair), Bill Blair, Gary Suderman, Glen Miller, Matt Forsberg, Vonnie Good, and Jonathon Schrock.

There are many, many community members involved as volunteers through Classroom Heroes, Booster Club, building Parent Teacher Organizations, and our newly formed Superintendent Special Education Advisory Committee. There are dedicated staff involved in each committee. Volunteers, your support is greatly valued. In this season of celebration and appreciation, we appreciated the opportunity to have outstanding partners dedicated to the mission and promise of Dallas School District.

Michelle Johnstone

Dallas Superintendent

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