We are writing to share that our Budget Reduction Day planned for Friday, May 3 is changed to Wednesday, May 8. Many of you have heard about the education funding concerns in our state, and you know the governor’s proposed budget still means budget reductions for our district and most districts across the state. We have made changes to our budget based on her proposal, and we are able to barely balance the budget without losing staff. Currently we are hopeful that the recently adopted fully funded calendar for next year will hold. However, we stand behind our teachers and communities that are saying “enough is enough.”

The Oregon Education Association is calling for May 8 to be a day of action to encourage legislators to increase the funding needed to return to the quality public education most of us experienced growing up. In collaboration with Dallas Education Association leadership and licensed staff, it makes the most sense to trade the May 3 budget reduction day for May 8. May 3 will now be a regular full school day for all students and staff. Wednesday, May 8, will be the budget reduction day, and there will be no school in session.

As staff participate in the Day of Action, we want you to know what additional funding means for our students. Additional funding would enable us to continue to push forward with our district priorities: reduce class sizes, increase counseling support available in schools, increase behavior support programming, return time lost with longer school days for elementary students, and return educational opportunities such as music. Did you know by the time Oregon students graduate, they have lost one full year of time in school as compared to other states? Increased funding could lead to a longer school year down the road, making us competitive with our neighboring states.

We know together we can make a difference in the lives of our students. We believe Dallas School District students deserve more.

Michelle Johnstone, Superintendent

Charlotte Riester, DEA President

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