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We have exciting news to share; distinguished educators and a Polk County Commissioner’s grant.

First, this year we have celebrated two distinguished educators. Mrs. Pedersen, who teaches third grade at Lyle, was recognized in September. She inspires and helps students achieve their goals.

Mr. Hughes teaches math at La Creole Middle School. He motivates students to do their best in math. Great work Mrs. Pedersen and Mr. Hughes. Thank you to our community sponsors of this award.

Please consider nominating a distinguished educator. The nomination process is simple, and the form can be found at guished-educator-award.

We have received a grant in the amount of $24,700 from our Polk County Commissioners to try a new idea.

The grant will create 38 job opportunities for high school youth to earn direct experience in future career areas within Polk County.

There will be up to eight positions at a time, each running for eight weeks. Upon completion, students will receive a stipend.

Business partnerships will provide opportunities for students to be exposed to various industry jobs. We will report back how this is going. Thank you Polk County Commissioners.

Lastly, let’s talk about school safety. We recently had a “lock-out” situation at Dallas High School. There were concerns expressed over communication during the lock-out.

A “lock-out” drill means we are keeping business as usual inside; however, not allowing students to leave or people to enter the school.

In this instance, as the police department conducted their search, we didn’t want to place students heading to lunch in the middle. We always work hand in hand with Dallas Police Department.

There is no communication going out from the school or district during the emergency unless we have evacuated the school and need parents to pick students up. We don’t want parents in harm’s way either.

Once the emergency was concluded, Dallas Police Department quickly provided the communication message. Dallas Police Department knows the best way to communicate the information. Thank you Dallas PD.

We did have communication from the district following via email and Facebook. We do value the feedback we received.

Thank you for supporting Dallas School District.

— Michelle Johnstone


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