New Civil War?

We have had a civil war in this country where family, friends, neighbors and strangers fought each other for their beliefs.

Does a civil war need to be fought with a well-organized militia or military force?

How about if we fought a new civil war with media, political agendas, scare tactics and with some form of militia such as ANTIFA, Patriot Prayer or the Proud Boys?

I came to the conclusion that we are in the midst of a new civil war which is being fought through our politicians and our government.

I believe that both sides are creating this new civil war that is being fought with fake news, scare tactics, and climate change, which is pitting family, friends, neighbors and strangers against one another and causing division.

I believe that if we stop dividing this country and start listening to each other, then America would be a stronger country for all who call our great nation home.

Divided we fall.

United we stand.

Jimmy Christensen


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