Whew. Our spring sports season has ended. What a crazy, exciting couple of months for our athletes of Polk County.

All of them worked hard this season, and all of them should be celebrated. Here are a couple of highlights from the past couple months:

Central High School baseball team captured the state championship title for the first time since 1958. Well done, Panthers! What a way to end the season. And to our eight baseball seniors who graduated last weekend and will be moving on to the next chapter in their lives: you will surely be missed in our community. Congratulations.

The Dallas High School softball team claimed a second-place spot in state. Well done, Dragons! What a way to end a tough season. Your league is not an easy one and it takes grit and determination to make it to the state championships.

The CHS Panthers softball team celebrated their first play-in game victory for the first time in seven years. It was a pleasure to watch you push for what you wanted. The season may not have ended up where you wanted it to, but you deserve to be proud of yourselves.

Jean deWouters, a foreign exchange student at CHS from Belgium, dominated the Panther tennis courts as a singles player and made it to the state tournament.

The DHS Dragons girls golf team took third place at the districts tournament for the first time in school history.

Three members of the DHS Dragons boys golf team were just spots away from going to the state tournament.

Malaki Connella of DHS claimed two state titles at the state track and field championships, in the 200- and 400-meters races. Alex Sims, also of DHS, clinched a state title in the para-athlete shot put event. Great job, guys!

Perrydale High School took fourth place in the 1A state track and field state championships.

Amity Deters swept the high jump, long jump and triple jump to claim three individual state titles at the 1A state track and field championship meet. She also helped her 4x100-meters relay team take third place.

Junior Sydney Lawrence, also of PHS, took fourth place and set a personal record at state in the javelin. It was her first year competing in track and field, while also being a part of the Pirates softball team.

For Falls City, Austin Burgess took a state championship title in the 400.

There are so many more names to be listed, athletes to be congratulated and memories to be recounted, but there just isn’t enough space to do that. So again, congratulations to all of our Polk County athletes. It’s been one heck of a spring season. Now go relax and recharge. We hope you enjoy your summer.

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