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*Supporting levy is a citizen duty*Some can't afford more property tax*Don't compare county salaries*Elected officials can't be trusted*Levy needed to keep county safe*Property should note be taxed at all*Vote no, send a strong message*Voting yes is the right thing to do*County taxes out of control, vote no*Consider your safety and vote yes*Levy needed to fix safety system*Public safety levy a good investment*Make more cuts before taxing*Time to pay it forward with levy*24-hour patrol coverage needed*Funding for public safety has fallen

*Pope will protect Polk's resources*Candidate states his case for office*New faces needed on county board*Woods has helped make Dallas great*Independent voter supports Ainsworth*Past actions best candidate predictor*Woods good choice for Dallas mayor*Ainsworth will be positive difference*Woods has wisdom, experience for job*Time for change on Dallas council*Jaffer will move county forward*Strong character heart of Ainsworth*Effective leader is what Woods is*Woods helps get projects completed*Campbell worthy of judge position*Community pride is key for Woods*Ainsworth ready to serve county*Dodge not answer for Polk position*Give consideration to Mike Ainsworth*Lawyers give Avera nod for judgeship*Criticism of school boss unwarranted*My vote is going to Woods for mayor*Ainsworth will add fiscal leadership*Pope's background quite impressive*It's the right time to elect Ainsworth*Takacs good choice for Independence*Mansell would serve county well

*Would a 'no' vote on fee be smart?*Support Extension taxing district plan*Street maintenance low on priority list*Know the facts on street fee vote*Dallas should cut expenses on trees*Work to eliminate ignorant labels*Dallas City Council ignores the public*All fees trickle down to consumer*Stand up for kids, support Extension*Fee will allow for much-needed work*Pope is common sense candidate*Weston a guy who does his homework*Campione has history of service*Street mmoney not being used wisely

*Business assistance workshop scheduled*Transitional housing meeting set Feb. 22*Dallas man elected to state fair board*GRP deadline nears for local landowners