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DALLAS — For the first time, two of Dallas’ traditions have come together for the greater good.

DALLAS -- The Dallas City Council is officially behind Polk County's public safety levy, voting Monday night to issue a letter stating its support.

POLK COUNTY -- County officials will delay 2010-11 budget committee hearings until the fallout from the Jan. 26 election determining the fate of Measures 66 and 67 is determined.

DALLAS - West Valley Hospital has joined a growing trend of hospitals and other medical employers who have begun providing financial incentives for people to pursue medical degrees.

POLK COUNTY -- If the weather doesn't warm up soon, allowing grass seed to germinate and grow, area livestock raisers will face some tough choices.

INDEPENDENCE -- Mexican laborers came to the United States in droves during the early 1940s, as part of a guest-worker program to alleviate a shortage brought on by World War II.

MONMOUTH/INDEPENDENCE -- The Monmouth-Independence Network (MInet) has released a partial pricing schedule for some of its services.