Annual race attracts big crowd

The Monmouth-Independence Mini-Marathon attracted more than 400 runners and walkers on July 4.

MONMOUTH/INDEPENDENCE — The crowd roared. Runners and walkers charged toward the finish in a blaze of glory.

A scene like this could only mean one thing — it was Mini-Marathon time.

The Monmouth-Independence Mini-Marathon drew more than 400 runners and walkers on July 4.

“Everything went well,” organizer Terry Cable said. “We had great support and had more than 400 participants. It was a pretty neat event.”

Cable’s morning was a busy one, beginning around 5 a.m.

“I helped get the race started (in Monmouth),” Cable said. “Then, I got in my car and hustled down south of Monmouth to come in the back side of Independence to help at the finish line.”

Cable serves as the lead organizer, but he said he’s far from the only person who makes this event a success each year.

“It’s a great event and is really a function of all the support I get,” Cable said. “The Central Lions Club, the Willamette Valley Road Runners, and Monmouth Fitness Club, and Anytime Fitness are critical in putting this together.”

The two fitness clubs played a particularly big role helping at the start and finish lines, Cable said.

About the only thing that didn’t go as planned had to do with issues with the results — which may have caused a few names being dropped on official times online, Cable said.

Despite the hiccups, Cable said he was pleased with the event overall.

“It covers all different runner skill levels, if you will,” he said. “We have people who just want to walk down the parade route and feel good about a fitness activity to some pretty elite runners who show up. It’s a neat event for beginners to some fairly advanced runners. With the advanced timing, people can see how they compared to last year, or to others in their age group or overall. That’s what makes it fun.”

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