DALLAS — Have a score to settle or want to show off your skills? Want to prove you’re the next LeBron James or Candace Parker?

Summerfest has the event for you.

This year marks the return of a three-on-three basketball tournament at Summerfest.

“I think we just realized there are a lot of kids here that needed something to do,” organizer Ashley Kahl said. “We wanted to offer something special during Summerfest for the kids in fifth grade and up. It’s something fun to do and, selfishly, I love basketball.”

There will be age divisions for males and females ranging from fifth- and sixth-graders to 35 and older.

Each team must have four players. Registration is due by July 27.

The cost is $40 per team. Registration forms can be found online at www.facebook.com/dallassummerfest/.

The tournament will begin on July 29 at 8:30 a.m. in the Academy Building parking lot.

“My hope for this year is we have enough teams participating to hold a full tournament,” Kahl said. “When I first went to Todd Brewster and said I wanted to start this again, he’s so sweet, but was like, ‘oh, good luck getting people to sign up.’ I took that as a challenge.”

Kahl said that so far, interest has been strong, but with the deadline looming, time is running out to sign up.

“We have been getting a lot of interest,” Kahl said. “A lot of people are calling and asking questions.”

Kahl didn’t have to look far for guidance on how to run the tournament. The Oregon Hoopla is an annual three-on-three tournament held during the summer in Salem.

“We definitely looked at their program and scaled it down to what we’re able to offer,” Kahl said. “They’re a well-oiled machine, and they know what they’re doing. It’s nice to be able to look up to them and format ours accordingly.”

The tournament won’t be the only basketball-related event. On July 28, a Dallas High School alumni game will be held at 7 p.m.

“I’m excited about that,” Kahl said. “Watching those old guys and girls get out there and stretch their legs, it’ll be fun.”

There may even be a twist.

“The high school has offered to let me dig through some of their vintage warm ups and uniforms so I can make sure they are outfitted properly,” Kahl said.

The three-on-three basketball tournament may not be the largest tournament around, but it’s one that will provide people with a fun way to stay active, Kahl said. And she hopes it’s the return of a Summerfest tradition.

“It’s an opportunity for people to get out of their house and gives them something to do,” Kahl said. “It’s not going to be huge this year, but someday it would be cool to see growth and see it become a two-day event.”

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