Booster Club kicks off turf fundraiser

Dallas Booster Club held a kick off event for its turf field fundraiser in September.

DALLAS — The Dallas Booster Club officially kicked off its campaign to raise funds for a turf field at Dallas High School on Friday prior to the Central vs. Dallas football game.

The night included speeches from Tim Larson, Dyan August and Jim Boutin. Members of the August family were also present for the opening coin toss of the football game and alumni were honored during halftime.

Information about the project was available and all who attended received free entry into the football game later that evening.

To date, the Booster Club has raised $375,000 in pledged cash and in-kind work toward the project.

Bill McNutt said the $600,000 figure stated in last week’s paper combined money raised for the field turf project and the estimated cost of the track, which the school board voted to fund, contingent on the completion of the turf field.

The Booster Club is looking to raise $850,000 by April of 2018 to have enough time to purchase and install the field in time for the 2018-19 school year.

Fundraising efforts were already underway, but Friday marked the official beginning for the campaign.

Donations, large or small, are helpful, McNutt said.

There is also a bottle drive ongoing.

Bottles can be dropped off to multiple locations, which can be found at

Blue bottle drop bags can be obtained by calling Claudia Drill, 503-949-9368, Kathy Voves, 503-559-1676, or Stephanie Earhart, 503-999-1383.

For more information about the turf field project:

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